These 'Vanderpump' Stars Refuse To Work More Than 20 Minutes A Day

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These 'Vanderpump' Stars Refuse To Work More Than 20 Minutes A Day

Before Vanderpump Rules Season 9 started airing, I think a lot of us were worried it would be all about the babies. Turns out, though, that we really don't have to stress about (or conversely, get excited about... who am I to judge you on wanting to watch Vanderbabies!) too much baby time. Infants are only allowed to film for 20 minutes a day!

I stumbled upon Child Labor Laws after I noticed that, listed in the episode credits, was a "Studio Teacher" and "Studio Nurse." At first I thought, of course, Brock must be getting his GRE or something and must require a tutor. But no! The Studio Teacher (Gaby Rodriguez) and Studio Nurse (Nancy Atalla) are for the babies.

According to the Employment Law Handbook, California has strict rules around babies working in the entertainment industry, and a Teacher and Nurse must be provided.

By the way, child labor laws define the entertainment industry as “any organization, or individual, using the services of any minor in: motion pictures of any type (film, videotape, etc.), using any format (theatrical, film, commercial documentary, television program, etc.), by any medium (theater, television, videocassette, etc.); photography; recording; modeling; theatrical productions; publicity; rodeos; circuses; musical performances; and any other performances; and any other performances where minors perform to entertain the public.”

Now, Vanderpump is certainly a rodeo and a circus (and a television program) so it seems like these laws would apply.

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