How Much Did Rachella Cost?

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How Much Did Rachella Cost?

It's hard not to get excited when Tom Sandoval gets excited. Say what you will about his "steamrolling," but the man can plan. In fact, he can steamroll any and every event I need to host going forward, because he not only has vision skills; he can execute, too. Take Our-chella cum R-chella cum Rachella, for example.

The Sandoval x James Kennedy Production we saw go down on Tuesday's episode of Vanderpump Rules in Indio, Calif. – on the polo fields where actual Coachella takes place – was pretty great. I wouldn't say it was amazing (well, the fireworks were amazing) but it was ... pretty great! And Sandoval was to thank for not only the planning and execution, but for footing the bill, as well.

I'm a nosy person who needs to know what everything costs, so this episode really sung to me. Here's what Sandoval said he paid for, and here's what was left out, too.

UPDATE: On Tuesday Oct. 19's episode, Tom Sandoval reveals that Rachella cost him $25,000. He split the bill with James Kennedy. Tom Schwartz is kinda shocked, seeing as they're borrowing money to open up the bar, but Sandy isn't worried. He's got that home equity loan!

EARLIER: You can see my short-changed estimate from the first Rachella episode, below:

We See Sandoval Write a Check (!) For:

  • Teepee rental: $1,000
  • Margarita bar: $750
  • Woman in the black Polo shirt and black tactical sunglasses, which makes me think "Fireworks," but $950 is too cheap for firework rental, so it was probably the Taco Truck: $950
  • Arial silk artist and fire dancer: $3,000
  • Photobooth: $850
    Subtotal: $6,550

Other Costs:

Go For It
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