Will No One Tell 'The Crown' That Dominic West Looks Nothing Like Prince Charles?

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Will No One Tell 'The Crown' That Dominic West Looks Nothing Like Prince Charles?

In screen adaptations of Princess Diana's life, Prince Charles doesn't come out looking very good when it comes to his behavior. But what about when it comes to his actual looks? Oftentimes, the actors cast to play Prince Charles are suaver than the real-life royal. Take for instance the latest photos of Dominic West as Prince Charles in The Crown. While recreating a 1991 holiday to Italy with Elizabeth Debicki's Princess Diana for Season 5, West's Prince Charles is simply too tall, dark, and handsome for the part. Am I biased because of my deep love for West that was established even pre-The Wire with roles like Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Jasper in 28 Days? You bet I am. But West isn't the only actor who's been too debonair to play Prince Charles.

I'm not here to overly fixate on Prince Charles looks — even if that's what the media has done to females in the royal family for years. And yes, actors are pretty much always going to be more conventionally attractive than their real-life counterparts. But while people have commented time and time again on the actors who've played Princess Diana (we can't help ourselves!), has anyone noticed that the actors cast to play the Prince of Wales in biopics look literally nothing like the actual human?

Here's what Prince Charles looked like in 1973...
and in 1997...
and today(ish) 

Now, let's see how some of the Hollywood impersonators stand up to the real man.

The Crown

Josh O'Connor

Emmy-winner Josh O'Connor appropriately slouched his way through the part in Seasons 3 and 4. And anyone who can play the simpering Mr. Elton may not be too far off from Prince Charles. But have you seen this photoshoot of O'Connor for Esquire UK?!

Dominic West

Even the extreme side part and forehand wrinkles can't distract from the fact that West is just too damn dreamy to play Prince Charles.


Jack Farthing

Jack Farthing appears to have the long nose and the thinner lips that Charles has in the few times he's shown in the trailer of Kristen Stewart's Princess Diana biopic. But when you see what the Poldark star looks like in real life, Farthing is a far cry from the royal.

Diana: The Musical

Roe Hartrampf

Many things are Not Right about Diana: The Musical (Exhibit A), which is currently available to watch on Netflix before it returns live to Broadway. But one of those Not Right things includes the casting of Roe Hartrampf, who played Emily's Chicago boyfriend in Emily in Paris and looks like this most of the time.

[rich Embed]

I get that Diana: The Musical had a more difficult task than the other adaptations since they required someone who could sing, dance, and do the British accent. But did that stop them (even if it should've)? No!

Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal

Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy may have been older than when he played Mr. Sheffield in The Nanny, but Fran Fine would be aghast to think her employer/lover ever looked like Prince Charles... even by Lifetime's standards.

William & Catherine: A Royal Romance

Victor Garber

I'm not convinced the casting directors for the Hallmark Channel 2011's William & Catherine: A Royal Romance ever saw the royals before casting Victor Garber as Prince Charles (and Jean Smart as Camilla Parker Bowles?!).

If The Crown Season 5 has the same reception as The Crown Season 4 had at the Emmys, perhaps West will win gold for his depiction. But he — along with the rest of these Prince Charles depicters — are not going to win any look-a-like contests.

Images: Des Willie/Netflix (2), PrinceOfWales.gov.uk (3), Keith Bernstein/Netflix, Neon, Netflix, Lifetime, Hallmark Channel

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