Ranking Kristen Stewart's Forlorn Looks In The 'Spencer' Trailer

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Ranking Kristen Stewart's Forlorn Looks In The 'Spencer' Trailer

Growing up, you may have thought being a princess meant fancy balls, being swept off your feet by a prince, and, at worst, being held captive in a tower by a witch. But Kristen Stewart in the Spencer trailer proves that being a princess is all about looking forlorn. Whether she's looking out the window, looking in a mirror, looking into a candle, or looking at the woman her prince is having an affair with, Stewart as Princess Diana is doing so forlornly.

Princess Diana is an inspirational figure, but a tragic one as well. And the Spencer trailer does not want you to forget what Princess Diana faced at the hands of the royal family. But not through Diana's words. Because in the 2-minute-and-17-second trailer, Stewart utters only 58 of them in total. Apparently, that was enough for Variety to claim that Stewart will "nail" the Princess Diana accent in the final product when the movie is out Nov. 5. Which, maybe she will! But I was far too distracted by her many faraway looks to pay attention to a posh accent.

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"Mummy, what happened to make you so sad?" a young Prince William asks her. And while the world is well aware of what made Princess Diana's life in the British monarchy miserable, Stewart is bringing her years of experience of looking uncomfortable and morose to the role with aplomb... sadness never looked so stylish as it does in Spencer.

Below, a ranking of every one of Stewart's — I mean Princess Diana's — most forlorn looks in the Spencer trailer.

14. Post-Spin Sadness

Even her twirling in the halls of the palace can't cheer her up.

13. In Bed Blues

She's so sad, she can't even look at the camera for this one. But at least she's got a friend (Sally Hawkins) by her side.

12. Oh, The Horror

The sad scene is set — but with the tattered curtains, dollhouse, and rocking chair, is this a drama or a horror?

11. The Other Woman

Well, you can't blame her for this one. How would you look at seeing Camilla Parker Bowles?

10. Holly, Jolly Christmas

It's Christmas, someone show this woman some holiday cheer!

9. Family Psych Up

As she walks to face the royal family, she can't help but look upset.

8. Hallway Huff

Even her gorgeous ballgown, or the amount she's walking (so much walking!), doesn't distract from the fact that she's angry and sad all at the same time.

7. Sadness, It's What's For Dinner

If someone looked this hurt while dining across from me, I'd run over and give them a hug.

6. Candle In The Wind

Nothing like your child asking you why you're so sad to make you feel sadder.

5. Veiled Mournfulness

Even the veil can't hide the sadness behind her blue eyes.

4. On The Steps Of The Palace

Looking this melancholy while standing in front of a grand palace seems counterintuitive. But that's kind of the point, isn't it?

3. A Gloomy Day For A Stroll

She's wearing bright yellow and she still can't feel a ray of sun.

2. Paparazzi Pain

Her posing for the cameras through tears is one of the most heartbreaking images of the trailer.

1. Tracks Of Her Tears

Most of the time, Diana is just looking sad. Here, she lets the emotion overcome her.

Well, with nothing better to do before Spencer comes out, time to forlornly look off into the distance for the next month and a half.

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