Every Single Outfit Princess Diana Wears In 'The Crown' (Yes, All 84 Of Them)

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Every Single Outfit Princess Diana Wears In 'The Crown' (Yes, All 84 Of Them)

Break out your best curtesy, because Princess Diana has finally arrived on The Crown, and she is glorious. British actor Emma Corrin brings the People's Princess to life with just the right combination of naivety, warmth, and aching heartbreak in Season 4 of Netflix's hit drama. Beginning with her unexpected courtship with Prince Charles and ending with her marriage in tatters, Diana evolves from a wide-eyed 18-year-old into a world-weary adult over the course of the season, and her fashion choices evolve right along with her.

By the end of Season 4, Corrin's Diana has donned a whopping 84 outfits across the eight episodes she appears in, and we chronicled every awe-inspiring sweater and bold patterned twinset along the way. From adorable yellow overalls to a sophisticated and sleek pinstriped black dress, every one of the princess' looks is loaded with meaning, and that's thanks to the attentive eyes of The Crown's costume designers Amy Roberts and Sidonie Roberts.

On the show, as in real life, Diana is a fashion icon, and Amy and Sidonie were committed to getting the essence of the princess right, even if that meant occasionally deviating from her real life fashion choices. There were some outfits that were too iconic not to replicate, like her wedding dress, which is close to 100 percent accurate thanks to a little help from one of its real life designers, David Emmanuel. But in other instances, they chose to create new looks for Diana that fit with her arc in Season 4.

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