Ranking The Likelihood Of Kevin's Romantic Endgames On 'This Is Us'

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Ranking The Likelihood Of Kevin's Romantic Endgames On 'This Is Us'

Kevin Pearson is a changed man — like, leave Robert De Niro hanging kind of changed man. With his happy ending on the way in the form of a family unit made up of him, Madison, and their twins, it doesn't feel like too much of a stretch to consider where Kevin will be at the end of the series.

Or maybe the better question is who Kevin will be with in the finale. While Kevin is all in with Madison, fans have been theorizing that Madison may not be Kevin's endgame. There are a few former love interests of Kevin's on This Is Us that he could very well end up with between now and the end of Season 6. And while that would mean he and Madison might not happen (or even worse, tragedy crumbles Kevin's family structure once again), it's worth another look to see who is in the race.

4. Cassidy

There are definite perks to Kevin being with someone like Cassidy — as reddit user @onthefitz said. Kevin could learn from someone "more mature" like her, and build on their common struggle and commitment to sobriety. But, Cassidy and Kevin aren't even in the same city anymore, and she is dedicated to rebuilding her her family and reconnecting with her husband and son. So while they may have slept together, I'm saying their chemistry has simmered. (Plus, I don't think we've seen them exchange a single text since he came back from Los Angeles.)

With all that said, don't count Cassidy completely out of becoming part of the Pearson family in some way. Fans have been rooting for some type of relationship — even if just a solid friendship — between Cassidy and Nicky ever since she was picking him up on their way to AA meetings.

So in all likelihood... Cassidy and Kevin are definitely donezo, but that's not to say she couldn't manifest as a support system for others in Kevin's orbit throughout the remainder of the series.

3. Zoe

In some way, everyone influences everyone on This Is Us. Take Tuesday's episode, "There," where we saw Kevin pull the Jack-est of all moves by stopping to help a wounded car accident victim at the risk of missing his flight to see his twins be born.

One person who massively affected Kevin was Zoe, Beth's cousin. Zoe brought out a deeper side of Kevin that led him to explore his father's past as a veteran in Vietnam — something he never thought would be possible for him based on his complicated feelings towards his childhood. In a way, Zoe gave him permission to explore himself more, and there's no doubt that those learnings have made him the type of man he is today. There was a hiccup though: Zoe didn't want to have kids. And that was a dream of Kevin's, so that non-negotiable drew them apart.

It seems like the two have definitely drifted as they moved into the next phases of their lives; Zoe is focused on traveling and shooting documentaries, while Kevin is preparing to become a father. But, that's not to say they'll never see each other again — they are kind of family (through marriage).

So in all likelihood... Rekindling their romance may best come in the form of a future hookup if both of them are single at Tess' wedding or Annie's graduation party, but as for anything long-lasting till the end? I doubt it's in the cards.

2. Sophie

Consider Sophie Kevin's Kryptonite. Kevin definitely regretted how many times he messed things up with Sophie, from marriage to divorce... to dating again. The timing was never right, it seemed, with Kevin expressing at Sophie's mom's graveside, "The sad part about it is, I'm actually ready now. I'm sober. And I am steady."

But according to reddit user @Green_Gal27, Sophie was just a piece of Kevin's past that he needed to let go before moving on with his life. "The Sophie story is meant to emphasize that 1) not all love stories are forever, and that's okay, and 2) Kevin needed to do a lot of growing, and I think him going back to her just emphasized how lost he felt."

But don't count her out just yet. The glimpse of Sophie chuckling at Kevin's underwear billboard ad in the Season 4 finale is not one to discount. Even if they're not in each other's lives for the time being, those memories still linger beneath the surface, and something tells me we may see them explored once more.

So in all likelihood... For now, they need their space to become the people they're meant to be. Could their paths cross in the future? Sure. But in order to grow into their fullest potential, they need to be able to do that on their own.

1. Madison

The sparks have been undeniable between these two from the very beginning. (Kevin literally told Randall at Kate's wedding, "Don't let me sleep with her," which worked out great, obviously.) And while it may have taken a couple of years to turn into something more, these two are leagues away from where they started, welcoming twins and committing to this family of theirs.

And that's just what they are, a family. As Randall tells her while on the road back from New Orleans, Madison is family — basically a Pearson — and Pearsons protect Pearsons.

And while it may be slow to develop, Kevin and Madison could nurture a romantic partnership, however unexpectedly they came together. And while creator Dan Fogelman told The Hollywood Reporter that "I think that there's basically many more chapters in Kevin's romantic story," I wouldn't rule out Madison being a main fixture in the fairytale love story Kevin dreamed of. She is, after all, Kate's best friend who's been "there" all along in the series — just like his dad.

As reddit user @kjklea opined in an expansive Reddit thread, "[Madison has] been there for every big event. Kate told her she was pregnant first, Kate's wedding, Kate's labor, Jack's eye consultation, at Kate's after Sophie's Mom died. She is just always there. What if Madison is Kevin's new Jack. Just being there for him."

So in all likelihood... While we haven't seen her in the flash forwards yet, reddit user @auroralovegood had a pretty good idea why — and it's not grim (like Madison dying). "I think Madison will be in the car with Kate, "Baby" Jack, and his sister (in the flash forward with Rebecca at Kevin's house next to the cabin). Madison is included in "they" because she's Auntie Madison and very close," they suggest.

It feels as if Madison's position in the Pearson family was cemented after her call with Randall, but is it possible that Kevin may end up with someone else? Of course. Anything is possible in This Is Us, and if something does happen, chances are it's going to be sad. But hopefully, after everything Kevin has been through, he can find happiness, whomever it may be with.


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