Ranking The Likelihood Of Kevin's Romantic Endgames On 'This Is Us'

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Ranking The Likelihood Of Kevin's Romantic Endgames On 'This Is Us'

Kevin Pearson is a changed man — like, leave Robert De Niro hanging kind of changed man. With his happy ending on the way in the form of a family unit made up of him, Madison, and their twins, it doesn't feel like too much of a stretch to consider where Kevin will be at the end of the series.

Or maybe the better question is who Kevin will be with in the finale. While Kevin is all in with Madison, fans have been theorizing that Madison may not be Kevin's endgame. There are a few former love interests of Kevin's on This Is Us that he could very well end up with between now and the end of Season 6. And while that would mean he and Madison might not happen (or even worse, tragedy crumbles Kevin's family structure once again), it's worth another look to see who is in the race.

4. Cassidy

There are definite perks to Kevin being with someone like Cassidy — as reddit user @onthefitz said. Kevin could learn from someone "more mature" like her, and build on their common struggle and commitment to sobriety. But, Cassidy and Kevin aren't even in the same city anymore, and she is dedicated to rebuilding her her family and reconnecting with her husband and son. So while they may have slept together, I'm saying their chemistry has simmered. (Plus, I don't think we've seen them exchange a single text since he came back from Los Angeles.)

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