Will Kevin Make It To Madison On 'This Is Us' & Break A Bunch Of TSA Rules?

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Will Kevin Make It To Madison On 'This Is Us' & Break A Bunch Of TSA Rules?

When we last saw Kevin on This Is Us, he was racing to get to Madison, who went into labor early and was preparing to deliver their twins. Next thing we know, there was a car accident — a bad one — that would maybe not only stop Kevin from getting to Madison, but change his and his family's lives entirely. Well, the former may still be true, but as we learned in the This Is Us episode "There," Kevin wasn't actually the driver of the much-teased car accident. He's fine. But as for if Kevin will get to Madison on time for the delivery? Well that's up to fate — and TSA.

Kevin may have used up all of the Pearson Family's luck with the way he was driving to get to Vancouver (then Seattle) so he could be by Madison's side when she was giving birth to their twins, physically and metaphorically "showing up" for his family. From the promos (and honestly, from the first 20 minutes of the episode), it sure seemed like Kevin was going to run himself off the road and just add to the tragedies that follow the Pearson family. But, instead, Kevin was actually the hero — inspired by Jack — and stopped for another person who was in an accident and severely hurt.

After driving the injured man to the hospital, Kevin was in a race against time to make it to the airport to catch his flight. Unfortunately, the best laid plans often go awry. Despite Miguel and Rebecca simply Doing Their Best to figure out not only a flight for Kevin to get on but how use an online travel site, Kevin's heroic moment caused him to get to the Seattle airport with moments to spare. There's just one problem — as the promo for the episode showed, Kevin's wallet (with his ID) fell out at the scene of the accident. He is ID-less. At an airport. A big no-no.

He's Kevin Pearson.
The face of a woman who does not have time for this shit. 

This leads to Kevin having to beg a beleaguered TSA agent to bend the rules and let him board without an ID, which is such a Kevin thing to do! He basically pulled a "Don't you know who I am" with the agent, thinking some Google search will allow her to let Mr. Manny on the plane. This is not like getting a library card, Kevin! We're talking about national security.

So what does this all mean for "I'm Kevin Pearson"? Unless this TSA agent is about to skirt the line of some very strict national security rules, it is very likely that Kevin will just have to wait like a non-famous normie for an emergency ID and get to Madison the next morning. Let's all just hope Madison and the twins are safe and healthy when he makes it, whenever that may be. And that that agent doesn't lose her job if she helps him.

As far as "showing up" goes, that award can only go to Randall and Beth, who call Madison from the car ride back from New Orleans. They sense her panic and offer to keep her company while she is alone. (This also begs a couple of questions, the most distressing being that Madison doesn't have any other friends to call? Why? Is Kevin the only person, besides Kate, that she has in her life?) That is concerning Madison! Let's fix that once the babies are born and we can get you socializing a little more.

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