Is It Just Me Or Does Kevin's Movie On 'This Is Us' Sound Truly Horrible?

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Is It Just Me Or Does Kevin's Movie On 'This Is Us' Sound Truly Horrible?

OK, This Is Us fans, it's time we talk about Kevin... and his awful movie, Glass Eye, which he seemingly quit during Tuesday night's episode "There." (He honestly may have done himself a favor.) Given what we know about the film, Kevin's role in it, the dialogue, and the director, I cannot, under any circumstances, accept the idea that Kevin's movie on This Is Us will be anything but trash. Like, nominate it for a Razzie bad. Sorry Kevin, but that's showbiz.

Kevin's big movie has been red flag after red flag. Even its title, Glass Eye, seems questionable. Don't even get me started on how Madison thought that it meant that the movie was about a lawyer with a glass eye, and she's living with Kevin! Even she has little faith in it!

So what do we know about future-box-office-bust Glass Eye? Unfortunately (or fortunately) not too much, which is why what we do know matters even more.

Kevin Plays A Lawyer With Awful Dialogue

The most we've seen of the film was during Episode 4, when Kevin had his first rehearsal with his director, Foster, and his co-star, Ava. During that rehearsal, Kevin tells Foster that he's so excited to play a character who is "complex" and "unexpected." You know, the kind of character that says vague and unoriginal things like, "When somebody says 'To be honest,' it usually means they're about ready to lie to you." So complex.

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