5 Things I Learned About Kevin From A Single 'This Is Us' Episode

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5 Things I Learned About Kevin From A Single 'This Is Us' Episode

They say everything happens for a reason, but when it comes to This Is Us, sometimes it's hard to tell what that reason is. Take the March 16 episode of This Is Us, "I Got This." Are we supposed to be getting clues that Kate and Toby eventually split over money issues? That Nicky will move in with Kevin and Madison and form a bond with Rebecca, explaining his presence in the flash forward? Or just that the Pearson women are better at finances than their husbands?

No, the most revealing aspects of the episode didn't come from a gasp-inducing cliffhanger (sorry, Nicky) but from a tense and awkward sushi dinner at Kevin and Madison's house. It turns out that Kevin isn't as one dimensional as one might have previously thought (was that just me?) and instead, contains multitudes.

So what did we learn about Kevin in "I Got This"? First of all...

He's Actually (Pretty) Famous

Was anyone else a little surprised about all the swag Kevin received after the birth of his twins from "everyone he ever worked with?" Sure, we know he was a sitcom star and in some war movie and about to make a terribly boring indie film, but like, when did he work with Glenn Close?!

He's Quite Generous

I used to think Kevin was sort of a selfish baby man, but maybe he isn't? He's just a guy with a ton of money and a misguided eagerness to please. Buying Madison a dress after she complains about feeling like an actual "cow" in printed PJs was a nice touch, but I have to imagine that the last thing an exhausted new mother wants is to try to zip up a designer dress for dinner. Offering Kate and Toby some cash — and to order them celeb-approved baby gear — was also essentially kind, even if he came off as if he wasn't able to read the room. A for effort, man.

He Likes Octopus Sushi

Sushi is a high personal preference. But I can't help but question Kevin's motives for not only ordering octopus sushi against Madison's better judgement, but doing so knowing that it would just sit out and look cool on a platter. What's worse, enjoying raw octo or just letting fish sit, untouched on the table? I'll tell you what's actually worse: packing it up as leftovers, which is what he was doing in that scene. A true, albeit generous, psychopath.

He's A Family Man

We already know that Kevin built the family cabin of his father's dreams in the future, but that's obviously an extension of his original plan to build a compound for the Pearsons in Malibu. It's sort of sweet that he's missing being one big family unit and daydreaming about what all of their kids will be up to when they grow up. Kevin is the person in the family who sends the "so who's hosting Thanksgiving this year?" text in August and you know what? Every family needs one.

He Just Lets People Into His Home

This might be an LA thing, but if someone knocked on my door in New York City after dark without sending at least 12 texts beforehand, you better believe I am hiding in my bathroom until I can hear them retreat from my door. Kevin didn't even look into the peephole before he opened the door to Nicky! Also, if he's "Glenn Close knows about my personal life"-level famous, shouldn't he have better security at his driveway or at the very least, a Ring home alarm system? This is a man who almost punched a paparazzo last episode.


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