What Year Is The 'This Is Us' Flash Forward? Let's Do The Math

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What Year Is The 'This Is Us' Flash Forward? Let's Do The Math

Mysteries are a dime a dozen on This Is Us. Who is her? What happened to Jack? The newest one: Who is in the white car? But one of the most overarching questions the show introduces fans to pretty early on in the series is: What year is the flash forward on This Is Us?

A lot is happening in the deep flash forward on This Is Us. Rebecca is dying. Miguel isn't there, and neither is Kate nor Madison (yet). There are kids a plenty, but little information on where their parents are. Uncle Nicky is back, beside an ailing Rebecca. It's a lot, I tell ya.

With a magnifying glass and a Hulu account (where the show is streaming), I broke down what we know about the future on This Is Us.

Rebecca's Age

Season 1, Episode 5, "The Game Plan"

We know that the Big Three's birthday falls on the same day as Jack's 36th birthday, August, 31, 1980. We learned that Rebecca and Jack conceived their triplets in Jan. 1980, thanks to the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, in the episode "The Game Plan" (Season 1, Episode 5). In that same episode, Rebecca says, "I'm only 29. Almost 30," and states she's not ready to have kids. So, we know that Rebecca was born 1951, most likely.

So by the time we see her in the present day (or at least 2020) in Season 5, she's 69. Does this help us figure out the time or how far in advance the flash forward is, not necessarily. But there are other Pearson family members that may give us more info.

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