The cast members' ages say a lot about their marriage thought-process

Like all of us on this weird Northeast weather day, I am watching The Ultimatum on Netflix. This show has everything: Nick Lachey (obviously), Vanessa Lachey, a hotel pool, opaque drinking cups, and 12 cast members who are so young, yet they think they know what they want.

Here are the cast ages btw:

1. Lauren Pounds (30)

2. Nate Ruggles (31)

3. Alexis Maloney (27)

4. Hunter Parr (29)

5. Rae Williams (~24)

6. Zay Wilson (25)

7. Madlyn Ballatori (25)

8. Colby Kissinger (26)

9. Jake Cunningham (27)

10. April Marie (24)

11. Shanique Imari (25)

12. Randall Griffin (27)

It's the same thing with the Bachelor, when a 23 year old cries about how hard it's been to find true love (ever since her heart was broken by her high school boyfriend) and proclaims to be ready for marriage and kids. It's hilarious to me.

And same thing again here with Ultimatum. Now, of COURSE, I understand everyone is different and has different needs and wants for their lives, but their focus on getting married and starting families doesn't seem to align with their emotional maturity. They seem like kids! Kids who think that marriage and babies will make them adults!

That said, I'm only through episode three, so maybe later on I'll be blown away with their thoughtful approaches to life's biggest questions, but so far, I'm seeing a lot of young 20-somethings who think that the "next step" needs to be marriage. (Except Maddy. That girl is a boss. So far.)