Who Can Win ‘The Circle’? Examining The Precedent Set By Past Seasons

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Who Can Win ‘The Circle’? Examining The Precedent Set By Past Seasons

When I watched the first season of The Circle, the finalists came down to five of the first contestants we met. Starting off the competition at the same time appeared to have given them the opportunity to form bonds and alliances that late-comers just couldn’t catch up to, and it didn’t escape my notice that four of the five players had also entered the game as themselves. But do these things help you win The Circle? Let's take a closer look at Circles past.

The Circle UK, Series 1 — The Early Catfish Gets the Worm

In 2018, a 25-year-old woman named “Kate” beat out the competition. Of course, Kate was just an alias. The real person behind the profile was a 26-year-old man named Alex Hobern who decided to take a risk and use his girlfriend’s photos instead of his own.

While many of his fellow players decided to tweak certain aspects of themselves, whether that be their ages, their jobs, their sexuality, or their family life, he was one of only two true catfishes in the game who opted to play as another person entirely. That seemed to work in his favor considering he was also named the “Viewers Champion” by fans at home.

The Circle UK, Series 2 – It’s Never Too Late to Play

One year later, Irish contestant Paddy Smyth proved you can win as yourself — and you don’t need to get in on the ground floor. While he didn’t mention that he has cerebral palsy until later in the game, he was all too happy to use his background in social media activism to help guide his strategy when it came to playing to his strengths, and he didn’t let anything hold him back.

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