When Do New Episodes Of 'The Circle' Drop? Here's Netflix's Season 2 Schedule

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When Do New Episodes Of 'The Circle' Drop? Here's Netflix's Season 2 Schedule

Netflix is bringing back must-see TV this spring thanks to its unique new episode plan for The Circle Season 2. Previously, the streamer has been all about dropping entire seasons at one time in order to entice viewers into 10-hour long mega marathons that inevitably leave you bleary-eyed and questioning your life choices the next morning. But this season, Netflix is taking an old school approach with The Circle and releasing the episodes in four mini-batches across four weeks, followed by the finale in May.

What does that mean for you? First and foremost, it means you get more sleep (good news), but it also means there will be real cliffhangers this season (which may or may not be good news, depending on your feelings about delayed gratification). Recently, streamers like Disney+, Apple TV+, and HBO Max have been bringing back the idea of appointment TV with week-to-week episode releases, and while Netflix isn't going so far as to roll out a single episode each week, the streaming giant is trying something new with both The Circle and Too Hot To Handle, which returns for Season 2 in May.

Ultimately, The Circle's new release schedule will provide reality TV fans with the best of both worlds: You can watch four episodes at a time, which maintains Netflix's marathon appeal, but since the whole season isn't premiering at once, The Circle experience will last longer — giving you plenty of time to theorize about which contestant will take home the $100k grand prize between new episodes.

Netflix's Release Schedule For Season 2 Is As Follows:

April 14: Episodes 1-4

April 21: Episodes 5-8

April 28: Episodes 9-12

May 5: Finale

Basically, for four consecutive Wednesdays, viewers will be treated to four new episodes of social media-fueled reality TV goodness each week as a new cast of players including the likes of Too Hot To Handle's Chloe try to navigate the wild west of The Circle's popularity ranking system. Add in contestants who are secretly Catfish, the mysterious Joker element Netflix teased in the Season 2 trailer, and some seriously sneaky alliances, and the path to winning the grand prize becomes anything but simple for the show's internet-savvy contestants.

Still, one player will avoid being blocked and come out victorious in the May 5 finale, which will also reunite all of the cast members who were booted off The Circle along the way. Even though Season 2 isn't dropping all in one go, some things will remain the same: there will be tears, drama, and enough shocking twists (*cough*Lance Bass*cough*) to leave you declaring Wednesdays "The Circle Day" for the next four weeks.


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