Follow 'The Circle' Season 2 Contestants On Social Media

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Follow 'The Circle' Season 2 Contestants On Social Media

Netflix has found a new crop of contestants willing to enter The Circle just in time for Season 2. And this year's group is more inclusive than ever before. Among the first eight contestants battling it out for social media supremacy are Deleesa, a 32-year-old mom from the Bronx, Lee, a 58-year-old author from Texas, and Chloe, a 22-year-old reality show veteran from Essex, UK. Just like last year, the contestants will only be allowed to get to know each other through the voice-to-text social media platform known as The Circle. However, there's no rule saying viewers can't snoop through the real-life social media accounts of 2021's The Circle cast.

Unlike Season 1's group of players, the Season 2 cast has had the advantage of watching other people play the game. As a result, they're entering their brightly colored apartments with a solid game plan. They're also more social media savvy overall. Chloe, who was previously on Netflix's Too Hot to Handle, is a reality show pro at this point. Meanwhile, 28-year-old Courtney is a successful YouTuber with a channel that analyzes all things pop culture.

Most of this year's players are already pros at garnering likes online, as you can see from their social media profiles below, but whether or not that will help them avoid getting blocked in The Circle remains to be seen.

Chloe Veitch

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Chloe is no stranger to the world of reality TV. The Essex native previously appeared on Too Hot to Handle, and since then she's only increased her social media presence. While she mostly ignores Twitter, she absolutely loves sharing selfies on Instagram. She's also recently waded into the world of TikTok, but it's clear Chloe has a favorite social media platform, and that platform is Instagram.

Courtney Linsen

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The Circle hasn't even started yet, and Courtney already has 16K Instagram followers. That's thanks to both his charm and his job as a podcast host and entertainment YouTuber. Between his YouTube channel Courtney Revolution, Instagram, and Twitter, Courtney is a social media pro, which makes him the one to watch this season.


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Terilisha is billed as The Circle's resident cool teacher, but her Instagram reveals she's also a singer. In addition to the usual selfies and glamor shots, she also uses the 'gram to promote her music, including her latest single "Sex So Good."

Jack Atkins

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At the age of 20, Jack is one of The Circle's youngest contestants, and he's also the least active on social media. While he does have an Instagram and a Twitter account, neither of them has much in the way of content, but please enjoy this adorkable photo of baby Jack on his graduation day as a consolation prize.

Savannah Palacio

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With 215K Instagram followers, it feels safe to say Savannah is a bit of a social media star already. Her page is carefully curated with professional photos, beauty ads, and the occasional sunset shot for good measure. And she's also super active on TikTok where she posts everything from beauty tips to memes.

Bryant Wood

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The incredibly zen breathing instructor has an Instagram feed that's every bit as mellow and earthy as he is on the show. He also captions his photos with little gems like this: "The universe breathes us. Kings to you; secret of everything." Plus he has a YouTube channel devoted to spreading messages of love and spiritual wellness. And that might just make Bryant the show's most authentic contestant of Season 2.

Deleesa "Leesa" Unique

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In her Instagram bio, Deleesa describes herself as a "Mompreneur," and it shows in her content, which is a mix of parenting posts and beauty-themed photos. The 32-year-old is also an active YouTuber and Twitter user — and she recently shared the exciting news that's she's expecting baby #2 later this year.

Lee Swift

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At 58, Lee is the oldest contestant on The Circle this year, but he's no slouch in the social media department. The prolific writer maintains an active Instagram profile where he connects with fans of his books and shares news about upcoming projects. You can also find him on Twitter under his romance novelist pen name Kris Cook.

Mitchell Eason

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Mitchell was part of The Circle extended family before he joined Season 2 thanks to his mom and brother, Tammy and Ed, who appeared as a duo on Season 1. But it's safe to say the 22-year-old model is far more social media savvy than the rest of his family. Mitchell's Instagram is a curated mix of professional modeling shots and glossy pics featuring him hitting the gym or hanging with friends. Meanwhile, his Twitter is basically just an endless stream of affirmations, but if you want to experience real joy watch his L.A. crib tour on YouTube.

Khat Bell

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Volleyball is Khat's life, and it shows on the professional player's Instagram feed. Her grid includes pics of her playing on the court with her teammates and working hard to prepare for games. But she makes time for fun too, as evidenced by her hanging by the pool with her pals. The 28-year-old also has a Twitter account, but she definitely seems to spend more time on the 'gram.

Lisa Delcampo

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She may be catfishing as Lance Bass, but the *NSYNC star's assistant isn't nearly as active on social media as he is. The PR and marketing expert's Instagram has only been active since December 2020, and her Twitter account is set to private.

The cast of Season 2 seems to know their way around the world of social media — but the real test will be how well those skills translate in the cutthroat world of The Circle.

Image: Netflix

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