Let's Analyze 'The Circle' Stars' Apartment Décor

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Let's Analyze 'The Circle' Stars' Apartment Décor

Despite all of the drama and tea-spilling that goes on in The Circle chat, there also seems to be a fair amount of downtime for the contestants that viewers aren't privy to, as evidenced by the sheer amount of craft projects in Lee's apartment. But Lee's not the only one channeling his creativity when he's not perfecting his catfish game. Several contestants on The Circle Season 2 have decorated their walls and cabinets with everything from portraits of their fellow players to inspirational messages about keeping their eyes on the $100k grand prize.

And then there's Courtney. The current Circle frontrunner is using his kitchen wall to map out a game so strategic it's basically a military operation. While his Circle besties Chloe and "River" are decorating their apartments with stick figure renditions of the other contestants and brightly colored stars, the professional YouTuber is keeping track of every lie he's told in the game so far in hopes of not being caught out — and he's not even one of the catfish!

Whether you've been dying to take a closer look at Lee's Picasso-worthy depictions of his Circle friends or are just tired of pausing all of the Courtney scenes to read the "Chloe is a catfish" theory taped on his wall, I've got you covered. Check out all of The Circle Season 2 contestants' homemade wall décor below.

Lee Keeps His Circle Family Close With Portraits On His Kitchen Cabinets

Of all of this season's contestants, Lee/River may have the biggest heart. While he does occasionally throw a bit of a shade when he thinks one of the other players is being disingenuous, he's generally friendly toward everyone as evidenced by his creative portraits of the other contestants. Every time someone new enters The Circle, Lee breaks out his craft supplies to draw a smiley sketch of his potential new friend.

Of course, he does take some artistic license with his drawings. For instance, he made the bold decision to draw Terilisha like The Bent-Neck Lady from The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix synergy, FTW!), and Trevor seems to have a beak for some reason. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Terilisha Is All About The Power Of Positive Thinking

Terilisha's walls are pretty bare aside from a couple of positive affirmations, and a reminder to herself to be tactical and strategical. Unfortunately, she may have been a tad bit too strategic, as evidenced by her early exit in the second batch of episodes.

Courtney's Notes Reveal He's Serious About Playing The Game

If there's not a copy of The Art of War somewhere in Courtney's apartment, I would be shocked. He has devoted an entire wall of his apartment to analyzing not only his fellow players, but also keeping track of the lies he's told during his time on The Circle so far, which includes his fake barista job and the curious note that his mom caught him losing his virginity (was he trying to bond with Trevor, perhaps?). Also, he told someone his mom's favorite flowers are sunflowers, which is an admittedly random thing to lie about.

He also keeps notes on his fellow players, and wow, he really doesn't like Emily. Her diagram includes descriptors like "Snake Queen," "Party Girl," and "Liar." Meanwhile, players like Lance have more mundane facts noted included his claim that he'll spend the prize money on an *NSYNC tour (not Lisa's finest moment) and that he's been in the entertainment industry for 30 years.

The most fascinating list on Courtney's wall has to be his theory that Chloe is a catfish though. Courtney and Chloe are close pals within The Circle, but it seems he harbors some suspicions that she's not who she says she is. To be fair, Chloe has said some pretty wild stuff during her time in The Circle so far.

Courtney's theory includes observations like "Can rap???" and "Booked a trip to Paris 10 minutes after meeting someone???" Which admittedly does sound far-fetched, but Chloe's a woman of mystery, OK? Most interesting of all is Courtney's assertion that Chloe is untrustworthy (he even underlined this particular thought). Granted, his theory has been on the wall since early in the game, but his Circle bestie might still want to watch her back, because Courtney is clearly playing the long game here.

Chloe's Terilisha Poster Led To Season 2's Funniest Moment Yet

Aside from a group picture of her Circle pals including Courtney, Trevor, and Emily, Chloe seems to spend her time drawing hearts and stars to decorate her apartment's windows with. However, she did make an exception for Terilisha, who she was so certain was a catfish that she drew a wanted poster for her. This led to a hilariously awkward encounter when the very real Terilisha payed her a visit after being blocked from The Circle.

It's clear The Circle players love to engage in a bit of self-expression, so keep your eyes trained on their walls as the season progresses for insight into what they really think about their opponents.


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