Are You Team Savannah Or Team Terilisha, 'The Circle' Fans?

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Are You Team Savannah Or Team Terilisha, 'The Circle' Fans?

If Season 1 of The Circle was all butterflies and rainbows, then Season 2 of the Netflix reality series is, well, wasps and sunsterns. (What is the opposite of a rainbow?) Because all it took was Savannah and Terilisha's feud on The Circle to make a series that once radiated with good vibes to become immediately cutthroat.

While the inhabitants of The Circle are the ones who decide who ends up with the $100,o00 prize, we, the viewing audience, are truly the judge, jury, and executioners of any streaming experience, and so I ask: In the biggest Netflix feud since Joe Exotic vs. Carole Baskin, are you Team Savannah or Team Terilisha?

Much like Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, Savannah and Terilisha have more in common than they'd like to think. They both immediately impressed their hidden apartment-mates, both came out playing strong games, and both were not afraid to back away from conflict. But, they also both made critical errors in their gameplay. Let's inspect (and spoilers ahead, obviously):


  • Revealed a suspicion of Trevor far too early in the first girls' chat
  • Pledged allegiance to the girls, only to save Trevor over Chloe when made influencer, despite see above
  • Insisted on making the poetry slam true to its title, giving her fellow castmates low grades in a meaningless, ice-breaker game
  • Showed her hand when discussing the block with Terilisha, revealing her alliance members in the first few chats
  • Gave the responsibility of announcing the block to Terilisha, despite obviously heightening tension between the two
  • Announced she was "devastated" with Bryant's blocking in the first post-block message to the group, implying that she was against it
  • Fought fire with more fire during Truth Or Dare, when she should have fought fire with honey
  • Tried to build bonds with the girls by insulting Terilisha, rather than killing them with kindness
  • Opted to see Courtney instead of Lance Bass when she was blocked, because c'mon

And, now, let's take a look at the flaws of her foe:


  • Focused on building trust and friendship with Chloe and Emily, rather than extending her, well, circle to others in the house
  • Revealed her own alliances in the influencer chat
  • Revealed her frustration during the influencer chat
  • Threw the first punch during Truth Or Dare
  • Fought fire with inferno during Truth Or Dare
  • Started a chat with Savannah to patch things up, because that would end well, huh?

And let's inspect their allies:

Team Savannah

  • Courtney
  • Trevor
  • Emily

Team Terilisha

  • Chloe
  • River
  • Emily

Please note for the records that Lance Bass has yet to take a side, and Emily's alliances remain vague, since the only thing Jack seems committed to is regularly grabbing his crotch.

(For what it's worth, even after watching the episodes, Terilisha is still Team Terilisha. "I actually still agree with myself! I was like, 'Yeah! Right!'" she told ET, while Savannah said she felt things were "lost in translation": From my perspective, I wasn't lying, but I am sorry for how I said it.")

Considering the first four episodes ended with Savannah being blocked, Courtney getting a special power, and Terilisha rated number 8 by her fellow cast mates, the latter has a long way to go in order to work her way back into The Circle. But, The Dipp subscribers, tell us what you think: Watching the first four episodes, were you Team Savannah or Team Terilisha? Go to the comments!


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