What Is Courtney's Job Outside Of 'The Circle'? Here's The "411" On The Entertainment Personality

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What Is Courtney's Job Outside Of 'The Circle'? Here's The "411" On The Entertainment Personality

In the world of The Circle, personality is everything, and Season 2 player Courtney Revolution absolutely shines. The 28-year-old has a little secret he's eager to keep from his fellow contestants though: He's not a barista, he's the host of a YouTube channel devoted entirely to spilling the tea on the latest celebrity and pop culture news. Basically, The Circle's Courtney is a social media superstar in his own right, and his ease chatting with his online followers is sure to translate well in the all-important Circle Chat.

With more than 10,000 followers, Courtney's channel, Courtney Revolution, features The Circle star chatting about everything from the latest Taylor Swift album to his Real Housewives predictions. In 2020, he introduced a new series, The Green Chair Chats, a live show that allows him to interact with his followers — known as The Rebels of The Revolution — in real time. On March 22, the pop culture savvy host posted a big thank you to his fans on Instagram.

"Started my live show, The Green Chair Chats (9:10am PST Monday-Friday) on YouTube 1 year ago TODAY as a different way to connect with my online friends, the Rebels," he wrote. "What started off as me rambling and showing off my groceries from Trader Joe's has turned into me and the Rebels investigating all of the hot goss in pop culture, donating to charities, and having the discussions that should be had - unfiltered and unafraid. Just wanted to say thank you for letting me do me and loving me for just me."

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As you can tell, Courtney knows his stuff. And you better believe his ability to analyze pop culture on the fly, while also connecting with viewers is going to be an asset on The Circle. If you check out his videos, the first thing you'll notice about Courtney is how at ease he is in front of the camera. In a July 2020 video, he seamlessly moves between discussing sensitive topics like Chrissy Teigen's problematic tweet about Meghan Thee Stallion and bantering with his Rebels about whether or not Nicki Minaj's baby would be a boy or a girl.

His fun, energetic personality comes through loud and clear no matter what topic he's discussing, and he comes at every type of pop culture story with an open mind. In a September 2020 interview with Voyage LA, the YouTuber shared that his goal is to always be authentic with his fans. "I think some of the magic in what I do is I'm unafraid to say what I believe in!" Courtney said. "I'm going to give you advice like I would a friend. I'm going to tell you to 'eat the damn fries.' Although I'm not the most popular YouTuber or personality in terms of the numbers, the value of the people I have in my online community is priceless."

Given his ability to cultivate a fanbase and navigate the world of social media professionally, Courtney is one member of The Circle the other contestants should be keeping their eyes on. Too bad they don't know he's a professional tea spiller, instead of the tea server he claims to be in his profile (insert detective emoji here please, Circle).


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