Why Is Clayton The Next Bachelor When These 4 Men Exist?

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Why Is Clayton The Next Bachelor When These 4 Men Exist?

Bachelor Nation, is this your king? Three weeks into Michelle's Bachelorette season, and I still don't understand how, in a sea of eligible men, producers chose Clayton to be the next Bachelor. Sorry to this man, but Clayton is one of the least intriguing men on this season, so why did he get the gig?

Look, Clayton seems like a nice guy. He's got a big smile, a huge neck, hasn't started any drama, and seems relatively mature and genuine. He's safe, and logically, I get why he was picked as the next Bachelor. Producers are looking for a scandal-free season, so they picked the man least likely to upset all the dark corners of the internet. But, if this is all Clayton have to offer, then producers are about to have a whole other problem: this will be the most boring season of The Bachelor yet. So far, Clayton has shown zero personality, other than being huge and smiling. If we didn't already know he was the Bachelor, most of us wouldn't even know his name.

So, I propose that we live in that world for a bit and think of what could have been. If we didn't know Clayton was already the next Bachelor, who would we be rooting for right now? Before we get into it, I want to preface by saying I am making the conscious choice not to include Michelle's rumored winner, Nayte. Mostly because... I honestly don't think I would be rooting for him to be the next Bachelor right now. These four men below, though, they're my guys.


From the moment Michelle uncovered Rick's head on a plate, I knew this man was special. Not only was his entrance actually original, it came with a perfectly clever speech that made Michelle laugh and definitely made a lasting impression on the fans. And he's only gotten dreamier since. His openness and willingness to put it all on the table for Michelle during their one-on-one made my heart flutter. There is no doubt in my mind that Rick would make a perfect Bachelor.


Rodney is the teddy bear of the season. He's goofy, he's sweet, he looks like he gives great hugs. And he rocked that heart covered onesie at the slumber party group date. What really sets Rodney apart is that he's not your typical Bachelor type, physically or personality-wise. He's down to earth in a way that is more accessible than any of the previous leads, which could give The Bachelor a jolt of normalcy it so desperately needs.


Romeo is a) super fine, b) smart, c) criminally underrated, and d) single. Also, his name is also Romeo, which would make marketing a breeze! Make it make sense.


Pardeep barely got any screen time and was sent home at the second rose ceremony, but he managed to get a lot of love from fans online, which suggests he's someone producers should be looking at long term. Like Romeo, he's an academic, which would be a fun change of pace for a Bachelor. A dark horse, yes, but keep in mind that Pardeep has been on more Bachelorette episodes than Matt James had when he was named the Bachelor. Plus, if Bachelor in Paradise has taught us anything, it's that people who go home early on The Bachelor or Bachelorette can become some of the most beloved stars of the franchise (see: Grocery Store Joe).

And these are just four men from Michelle's season. Katie's season was also full of wonderful men who would make good Bachelors (hello Andrew!). Seriously, guys, what were the Bachelor producers thinking??

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