Is Nayte A Secret Drama King Or Just A Frontrunner With A Target On His Back?

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Is Nayte A Secret Drama King Or Just A Frontrunner With A Target On His Back?

Everyone knows that actors like drama. And as the resident secret actor on Michelle's season, one must wonder if Nayte on The Bachelorette is a drama king. It's not just his possible actor status that has me wondering. Because now it has been two weeks in a role that Nayte has been directly involved in the rose ceremony drama. Is that simply because he's a frontrunner, standing up for Michelle and himself against the villains of the house? Or is there something more dramatic afoot?

When the guys on the pillow fight group date in Week 4 did a cheers to a "drama-free night," Nayte could be heard whole-heartedly agreeing with an "absolutely." At that point, he seemed to mean it. After all, Nayte was the hero of Week 3. When Peter threw Will's jacket in the pool, Nayte encouraged Will to be the bigger person. When Jamie claimed he had confronted Michelle about Joe because of what viewers at home would be thinking, Nayte called him out for being fixated on the whole TV aspect of it. And Nayte's facial expressions while Jamie tried to climb out of his hole were top-notch as well. But with the whole Chris S. debacle at the Week 4 rose ceremony, the cracks in Nayte's frontrunner foundation are beginning to show.

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Let it be known that a drama king is not the same as a villain. And Chris S. was the one who seemed to be putting himself into some villain territory. After all, was he not on the very same group date where Michelle said she felt unseen? But Nayte has been in the center of drama a couple of times now and it could be a sign that he likes to stir the pot on the down low. The difference is, he seems to get away with it since he seems more popular in the house than a contestant like Chris S.

I was fully on Team Nayte for the majority of the episode. But then the way he emphasized "Chris S." when he stated, "I'm really pissed off. And guess what Chris S.? It's time to go," the red flags were waving.

Again, Chris S. seemed to be more in the wrong — focusing on Nayte because of his confidence in his relationship with Michelle. But didn't Nayte just one episode ago tell Will to let the drama go? Why couldn't Nayte take his own advice? Instead, he started taking down Chris S. "If he stays, he's gonna be an outcast. I'm not talking to him," he told a group of guys. "What a weirdo. What a weirdo. What a dweeb."

The dweeb talk didn't stop when he did his in-the-moment interview. "Screw Chris S. Screw whatever thought process he had that brought him to this point. I think he's a dweeb and it's just like, man, I'm really hopeful that as the group of guys dwindle down, that there are less and less dweebs in the house cause this sucks," Nayte said. And that right there, is something a not very nice person would say, no?

As Michelle does seem to like Nayte a lot, fingers crossed his current Drama King status doesn't turn into full-blown Villain. Because while he might have an aversion to dweebs, I have a strict no drama kings pretending they're not drama kings policy.

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