Don't Sleep On Romeo, The Best Man On 'The Bachelorette'

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Don't Sleep On Romeo, The Best Man On 'The Bachelorette'

In the immortal words of Clare Crawley, "I think I just met my husband." And I'm not talking about some tall f*ck boy who is absolutely only in it for the fame, I'm talking about Romeo Alexander, aka the dreamiest contestant on this season of The Bachelorette who absolutely should have our attention. Seriously, Bachelor Nation, stop sleeping on Romeo.

So far, Romeo is my absolute favorite man of the season (and maybe even the franchise). He graduated in May of 2020 from NYU with a PhD in Atmosphere Ocean Sciences and Mathematics and, according to his Instagram bio, is currently working as a Data Analyst at Ramp, a "finance automation platform." Already he's ahead of like 80% of the men who have ever been on The Bachelorette.

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According to his official ABC bio, he's looking for a woman "with a curious mind." His dream date is to spend a day walking around museums and the night dancing salsa. "Romeo is a passionate man and says that he falls hard and fast," reads the bio. His profile also states that he likes clean technology (believing in climate change is a must in any man, let's be real), and studied Japanese in college. His only flaw: he "wants to go to Burning Man one day." (But, hey, just because he wants to go doesn't mean whoever he's dating has to!) And yet, despite his genuine good guy vibe, he's been snubbed for screen time.

We haven't even got a lot of thirsty shots of Romeo looking great on group dates! This man has worked as a model and regularly works out with chain weights around his neck. He wears glasses and has a very good hot professor thing going on. So why are the editors doing my soulmate so dirty? Have they seen this man? This amount of beauty must be shared with the world!

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Romeo has been on two group dates so far, but both have cut him in favor of highlighting petty drama. The schoolroom date — which Romeo the mathematician definitely aced — was completely overshadowed by Will and Peter's schoolboy drama, and the poetry/spoken word date was too heavy on Jamie's self-indulgence. We didn't even get to hear Romeo's poem for Michelle, though he did share an excerpt on Instagram along with this INSANELY HOT photo of him wearing his blue button down and glasses. (I fully recommend you read the entire poem. It references a lot of Shakespeare, obviously, but there's also a Prince shoutout and a Beatles reference.)

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Seeing as how The Bachelorette isn't giving me the info I want on Romeo, I decided to look for myself, and I have to admit, everything I learn about him just makes me love him more. His Instagram is sparse, but revealing. For one thing, the multiple photos celebrating his academic wins show that he's serious about his field of study and his career. There's also some modeling shots peppered in, so, yes, he knows he's fine. And then there's his family. It turns out, per his Instagram, Romeo's mother is French and his father is Prince Charles Alexander, a Grammy-winning producer and artist who currently teaches at the Berklee College of Music. And, frankly, they just seem so damn cool, and I hope Romeo makes it to hometowns just so we can meet them.

But, if for some reason Romeo and Michelle don't work out, please allow me to take a moment to shoot my shot because I firmly believe that Romeo and I would be great together, and here's why: Romeo's mother is French, my mother is French. According to his liked Tweets, Romeo ships Keeley and Roy from Ted Lasso, I also ship Keeley and Roy. Romeo is a mathematician with a PhD in Atmosphere Ocean Sciences and Mathematics, I took AP BC Calc in high school. Romeo dreams of going to Burning Man one day, I would rather die. See? Perfect. May Michelle's (potential) loss be my gain!

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin

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