Here's Everything We Learned About Clayton During Michelle's Premiere

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Here's Everything We Learned About Clayton During Michelle's Premiere

Going into Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette there is already one guy to watch — not because he’ll be ending up with Michelle, but because we already know that he won’t. It has been widely reported that Clayton Echard will be the next Bachelor, though it has not yet been confirmed by the show itself.

But, it’s impossible not to keep track of Clayton’s every move as the new season kicks off. Does Michelle like him? Does he have any obvious red flags? Will we want to watch him for two hours every Monday night this winter?

So, yeah, I literally tracked Clayton’s every move on the premiere. Here’s what we got from the (probable) next Bachelor so far:

His Intro Package Was Pretty Involved

Image: ABC

Only a few contestants get those special little at-home intro packages each season that show them introducing themselves and hanging with their families. Of course, Clayton was one of the featured men this time around, and his video was pretty involved.

The basics: Clayton grew up in Missouri, he's 28, he's a medical sales rep, and he played college football. We also get to see his Mizzou jersey, watch a clip of him playing cornhole, and hear that he is so close to his younger brothers that they “might as well have been a mini fraternity.”

His mom — who like Michelle is a teacher — also got to record her own video message for Michelle about how she hopes she’ll hit it off with her son.

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