Consider 'Bachelorette's Premiere Greg's 'Bachelor' Audition Tape

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Consider 'Bachelorette's Premiere Greg's 'Bachelor' Audition Tape

Sure, Katie Thurston's first impression rose on The Bachelorette premiere matters... but it's really the recipient of Bachelor Nation's first impression award that matters most. And one lucky contestant managed to bag both during the premiere. Because The Bachelorette's Greg is already winning hearts — and front-runner status for the 2022 Bachelor season. (It's never too early to start the speculation, folks. This is our fantasy sports.)

After all, Greg. Has. Everything we could want in a Bachelor. Why does Bachelor Nation love him? Let us count the ways.

  • He's shy. While box guy, or cat guy, or blow-up doll guy, or most guys that have ever participated in the show all scream "HERE FOR THE WRONG REASONS," a dude who had a hard time even broaching a conversation for Katie is not here for the spon-con.
  • He loves family. He's not all talk. His Instagram proves he walks the walk, chock full of photos of his nieces and nephews.
  • His biological clock is ticking. The Bachelor franchise loves a schtick, and what better trait to center an entire season around than a love and desire for family? That said, he's gotta find a girl that's game — reports say he wants six kids (!!).
  • He's sporty. His past as a basketball player is primed for a date challenge. Plus, his past as a basketball player means he's tall. 6'3", to be exact.
  • But he has a real career. None of this overseas sports nonsense. He's a marketing sales representative.
  • He gives great gifts. I mean, c'mon, that macaroni necklace from his niece.
  • He understands it's creepy to give gifts. We stan a self-aware man.
  • Dog. Dog.

Of course, Katie could cause a snag in the plans if she actually picks him in the end. But, if not, ABC will have its fair share of contestants lining up outside any limo they can find.

I mean, we're already sliding into his DMs.

[rich Embed]

And his niece might just unseat another Bachelor juggernaut:

[rich Embed]

Of course, the season is still early. That's plenty of time for any of our Bachelorette contestants to severely disappoint us. There was that concerning pre-season tweet, after all: "Please remember to stay kind in this. You'll only get to see a glimpse of how extraordinary they [the men] really are."

We are rooting for you, Greg. We are all rooting for you. Don't make us hate you at least until you're the Bachelor, okay?


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