Even 'The Bachelorette' Is Trying To Forget Matt's Season Happened

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Even 'The Bachelorette' Is Trying To Forget Matt's Season Happened

Matt James' season of The Bachelor was historic. But it was also a fucking train wreck. From cruel contestants, open-eyed kissing, and the whole Chris Harrison/Rachael Kirkconnell of it all, we're all just doing our damn best to forget it ever happened. Nemacolin who, you know? And it seems ABC and The Bachelorette are doing much of the same as Matt James wasn't even referenced during Katie's Bachelorette premiere.

When new seasons begin, it's not unusual to get a little context. Perhaps a flashback, or the new lead discussing where things went wrong during the previous season. And considering how vocal Katie was during Matt's season of The Bachelor — she led the charge to evict the bullies out of the house and then was met with a not-so-warm welcome during the Women Tell All special — you'd think we'd get just a little somethin' somethin' from Katie, hosts Tayshia and Kaitlyn, or the mysterious Not Chris Harrison Male Voice that spoke at the very beginning of the episode. But you know what we ended up getting? Nada.

Nary a mention about Matt or the cursed season in Farmington, Penn. occurred during the beginning of Katie's premiere. And not because she was busy bein' Katie. (Though she was. Did you know she is sex positive?) She briefly addressed being brokenhearted but now she's "better." And that was that. Done and dusted.

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