Who Is Becca Kufrin Dating Post-'Bachelor In Paradise'? A Look Into The Rumors

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Who Is Becca Kufrin Dating Post-'Bachelor In Paradise'? A Look Into The Rumors

When a former Bachelorette comes to Paradise, you know she means business. Becca Kufrin is arriving in Mexico soon, and rumor has it, she found love a second time. But that doesn't necessarily mean she left the beach engaged. In fact, all the rumors of who Becca is dating post-Paradise indicate that she left the beach without a ring on her finger.

For weeks, BiP has been hyping up Becca's arrival in Mexico. Arguably one of the most successful stars of the Bachelor franchise, Becca ended her engagement to Garret Yrigoyen last year, two years after they met on The Bachelorette. So her return to the franchise is what one might call a Pretty Big Deal. Based on the promo teasing her Paradise journey, it looks like she'll be getting cozy to Thomas (once he's done making out with Tammy and fighting with Aaron, that is). But, early BiP spoilers from Reality Steve suggested that they don't actually make it to the end of the season (aka the engagement). So, what gives?

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RUMOR: Becca Is Dating Blake Horstmann

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Blake and Becca almost got engaged on her season of The Bachelorette, and they've remained friends ever since. They've appeared on each other's podcasts (lol), and have both been supportive of each other in the press, but their friendship took on a whole new meaning for fans after Becca's engagement ended. They've been spotted together, posted on Insta, and Blake fanned the flames just last week during an appearance on the Real Life with Kate Casey podcast when he said that he and Becca had been talking earlier in the summer.

"We did kind of chat here and there, and we were back in touch within the last, like, six months," Blake said. He then heavily suggested that they would have tried to give their relationship another shot, but "it kind of came down to if she was going to do Paradise or not."

STATUS: Denied

After the podcast was released, Becca set the record straight, telling the Clickbait podcast that she wasn't really sure what Blake was talking about. "Listen, Blake and. I have always been friends, we've always been very supportive of one another," she said. After confirming that they do speak "very sporadically," Becca said that she didn't consider their conversations romantic in nature.

Adding insult to injury, Becca insisted that Bachelor in Paradise had nothing to do with their relationship status. "It made it seem like we're not together because of production or whatever," she said. "At the end of the day, we're two grown adults who make our own decisions, and if we're not together it's because we chose not to be together."

RUMOR: Becca Is Dating Thomas

Image: Bachelor Nation Scoop/Instagram

Spoilers from Reality Steve claim that Becca and Thomas break up before the overnights (aka, when the final couples get to decide if they really want to be engaged or not), but ever since BiP wrapped there have been rumors that the two are still dating, just without the cameras around.

These rumors have mainly been fueled by a lot of online sleuthing, like the photo above when fans noticed that the blanket and plant seen in Thomas' Men Tell All Zoom set up looked an awful lot like a blanket and plant in Becca's Instagram stories.

Image: Bachelor Nation Scoop/Instagram

Instagram sleuths once again claimed that the two were hanging out after recognizing what looks like identical counter tops and glassware in their respective Instagram stories. Honestly, pretty convincing stuff.

STATUS: Unconfirmed

Thomas kind of tried to deny the rumors without actually denying them. After fans spotted the blanket in his Men Tell All Zoom, he attempted to do damage control by giving fans a tour of his "living room" on Instagram, complete with the blanket, to prove that he wasn't actually in Becca's home. This has, as far as I can tell, convinced absolutely no one.

Unfortunately, Becca is a Bach pro — she knows how to keep a secret. We'll have to wait until after Bachelor in Paradise is over to get the real tea.


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