All The Signs That Greg Grippo Is Not The Next Bachelor

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All The Signs That Greg Grippo Is Not The Next Bachelor

Bachelor Nation is in an absolute tizzy over the Reality Steve rumor that Greg Grippo will be cast as the next lead. While worse choices have been made (Juan Pablo), this would be *pretty bad.* Whether you are a Greg stan or despise his flowing locks, this choice would rip Bachelor Nation apart and I am convinced the franchise does not want to willingly sink their own ship.

With that in mind, here are the clues that Greg Grippo will not become the next Bachelor.

The Casting Call

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About a month ago, ABC released this casting call, specifically looking for “eligible bachelorettes, divorcees, and single mothers.”

“Eligible bachelorettes,” sure. But “divorcees and single mothers” just does not scream Greg Grippo to me. Imagine it turns out to be single-dad, Hunter, and not single-dad Michael A. What a plot twist that would be.

Mike Fleiss’ Cryptic Tweets

Show creator Mike Fleiss has been fanning the flames as much as possible via Twitter. So let’s overanalyze some things he has said about the next lead.

Tweet #1

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THE MOST…. IMPORTANT…. QUALIFICATION! Greg is one of Katie’s guys that we truly do not know if he was sincere or not. Did he get you with the puppy dog eyes? Or did you see right through his “leave with me now or I’m out” dramatic breakup sequence?

I can’t ever decide if I think Greg was sincere or if he was trying to cash in on his one year of acting school, but I think it’s safe to say an overwhelming portion of Bachelor Nation does not think he was sincere, and perception is everything.

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