How Tall Is Thomas On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Possibly The Tallest Man To Ever Live

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How Tall Is Thomas On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Possibly The Tallest Man To Ever Live

According to Guinness World Records, the tallest man to ever live is Robert Wadlow. In 1940, the last time he was measured, he was one inch shy of nine feet. But that historical fact is completely useless at a certain beach-side Mexican resort, because according to Bachelor in Paradise, the tallest man to ever exist is Thomas.

So how tall is Thomas, the tallest man ever? He is apparently one of the largest men to ever walk the earth, because he brought up his height to all 78 people currently dating in paradise. May have even snuck in his stats while talking to Lance Bass, who is reportedly 5 feet 9 inches according to Google.

According to the new paradise transplant himself, Thomas is 6 feet 6 inches. And while that is technically nine inches taller than the average American man (which is impressive), to the women and Thomases of paradise, you would think this man is breaking records. The disrespect to Robert, I tell ya.

I present these screenshots to show the absolute awe the women and Thomas were in of Thomas' height.


Large human indeed. But not as tall as... Robert Wadlow. Just saying! Don't erase Robert's legacy for a date card, ladies.

Not everyone was feeling so enamored by Thomas' height. Aaron from Katie's season was not at all intimidated by Thomas' 6 feet 6 inches. How do I know that? Because he couldn't stop talking about how Thomas couldn't stop talking about his height. (And before you ask, Aaron is reportedly 6 feet 4 inches, according to

So there you have it. Thomas is the tallest 6 feet 6 inches to ever exist. Everyone else pales in comparison (except for Robert Wadlow! Don't forget Robert!) and nothing else matters on Paradise.

Images: ABC

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