Matt James Has Tied Colton Underwood In A Record No One Wants

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Matt James Has Tied Colton Underwood In A Record No One Wants

Matt James would not want to accept this record. As of Monday night's hometown episode, it's official: three women have quit James' season, tying Colton Underwood's 2019 season.

It's a surprising turn for James, who started Season 25 as a MVB — Most Valuable Bachelor, natch — one with a heart that matched his good looks. But, just weeks before he was set to get down on one knee, we watched Serena Pitt peace out after a hometown date that proved she just wasn't feeling it, joining the ranks of Sarah Trott and Kit Keenan, who both voluntarily left this season. That means that James joins the ranks of Colton Underwood, who made headlines for jumping fences and not being able to mend them when it came to the self-evicting Heather Martin, Sydney Lotuaco, and Elyse Dehlbom.

But one would have never anticipated "Matt James" and "Colton Underwood" being mentioned in the same sentence. Especially since James has seemed smitten with Pitt all season — and, until hometowns, she seemed to return his affections, making a Neil Lane-approved proposal seem all but inevitable. Perhaps it was the downgrade in Bachelor accommodations this season. Perhaps it was the overall ickiness of a season that included rampant bullying (and, eventually, racist accusations). Perhaps it was all the turtlenecks — or the fact that he brought the same flowers to each parental gathering. But something wasn't vibing on James' Bachelor Season 25, leading him to an all-too disappointing conclusion that any spoiler-phobic fan should avoid.

But, alas, Bachelor history has been made, and James joins a not-so-venerable list. Still, James' insistence that Serena P. "walk me out" after he was unceremoniously dumped? That feels worth getting this expunged from his record, no?


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