'The Bachelor' Nemacolin Resort Is Even More Extravagant Than You Think (There's A Zoo)

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'The Bachelor' Nemacolin Resort Is Even More Extravagant Than You Think (There's A Zoo)

Yes, Bachelor Matt James is tall, but you know what's taller? The sky-high ceilings at the Nemacolin, The Bachelor's new COVID-safe filming location. As we saw on Night 1, the palatial Bachelor location provided more than enough space for our new Tall Bachelor to move around without banging his head, but that's just the start. A little dive into the Nemacolin reveals potential Bachelor dates, and truly scary amounts of expensive fun.

Located in Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh, the Nemacolin is literally 200 acres of Bachelor paradise. They even hosted a Bachelor viewing party for guests on Monday, Jan. 4. Not only does the luxury resort have a huge castle — The Chateau — which provided the backdrop for the contestant's dramatic, and NSFW, entrances, it also has two other separate hotel buildings, both with slightly different experiences. There's The Lodge, described on the official website as a "woodsy escape," and the "bespoke oasis" known as Falling Rock. And that's not even including the Estates and Homes available for guests — yes, full on estates.

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No wonder the resort has been a favored getaway for Presidents, as Former Deputy Chief of Staff under President Obama, Alyssa Mastromonaco, noted on Twitter during Monday's premiere. Here's everything you need to know about Nemacolin, including if you, a regular citizen of Bachelor Nation, could ever hope to stay there.

How Much Does The Nemacolin Cost?

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The Nemacolin is, as fans have noted, a far cry from La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, where Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams filmed their Bachelorette season. And, yes, the Nemacolin is much more expensive. According to Trip Advisor, one night in a room for two adults at the Nemacolin costs, on average, $700. And that's just one regular old room. In comparison, Trip Advisor has a similar two-person room at La Quinta is less than $300. However, because there are many different rooms and rates at Nemacolin, those prices may vary. In December, the Pittsburgh Gazette reported that rooms at The Chateau were available for as little as $315 per night, though Falling Rock rooms were more expensive, at $504.

The Bachelor reportedly set up camp at the Arden Estates, which has room for 22 people, according to The Oprah Magazine. The Arden Estates also has not one, but two hot tubs, a pool table, and a bar. And, yes, it's currently taking reservations.

What Will Bachelor Dates At The Nemacolin Look Like?

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It's unclear how much of this resort will make its way onto The Bachelor, but one thing producers will definitely be taking advantage of is the array of "experiences" available at the Nemacolin. In a new teaser for the upcoming Bachelor season, Matt and his various contestants are seen riding horses into the sunset, zip-lining, riding ATVs through the woods, making out in hot tubs, and floating away in a hot air balloon. It's all the magic you'd expect from a Bachelor season, all in one place. And, yes, these "experiences" definitely come with a price tag. A ride on the Zipline will cost you a reasonable $60 per person, but a day of Jeep Off-Roading is a cool $455 per vehicle.

I know what you're thinking, is there anything you can't do at Nemacolin? And the answer is: nope! They have their own ski slopes and ice rink, a shopping mall complete with a cigar shop, and a shooting range. The Nemacolin even has it's own Wildlife Habitat that is home to lions and tigers (and maybe bears?), and hosts Safaris on the grounds.

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I really hope those Bachelor producers had tight reigns on their contestants this season. It's all cocktail parties and roses, until you get lost wandering in the Nemacolin Wildlife Habitat in five inch heels and a sparkly dress.

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin

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