What The Neck? Ranking Matt James' Turtlenecks On 'The Bachelor'

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What The Neck? Ranking Matt James' Turtlenecks On 'The Bachelor'

When it comes to comfy-cozy couture, Matt James has been absolutely killing it. Matt's turtlenecks on The Bachelor are hard to miss — the lead seems to rock a new turtleneck every episode (sometimes even several times an episode), and all of them are iconic. In fact, he might just be the most fashionable Bachelor to ever grace our screens. That said, not all knitwear is created equal, and some turtlenecks have a leg up (a neck up?) on the competition.

In honor of the reality star's vast and varied collection, I decided to go through and see just how these sweaters stack up, and, of course, I'll be updating it with each new look. So which jumper jumped out at me most — and which ones were a total snooze? Let's work our way down the list from boring to beautiful.

#19: The Week 7 Black Turtleneck

This turtleneck is not that bad. It's not dead last, end-of-the-list material. But this turtleneck with that jacket? Let's be honest. The jacket swallows it whole. The jacket is the star of the show — and the turtleneck underneath is doing little more than disappearing into the void. Sure, sure, you could argue that it is doing a lot of great behind-the-scenes work. After all, something has to go under that heavy leather coat. If it were me, though, I would've paired that collar with a crew-neck and given the ladies what we all know they want: a glimpse of Matt's Adam's apple. This turtleneck may be great on its own, but, in this look, it's totally replaceable.

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