Bullying On 'The Bachelor': The Call Is Coming From Inside The House

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Bullying On 'The Bachelor': The Call Is Coming From Inside The House

Here’s the thing about going on The Bachelor: Everyone who signs up for the reality show knows it comes with a ton of drama. Usually, that drama is harmless. One contestant steals another’s champagne. Someone insists their competitor stood over them while eating a banana in a vaguely alarming manner. But every now and then, a line gets crossed on The Bachelor.

To a degree, it’s human nature. Everyone is drinking. Everyone has nothing to think about but their romantic feelings and their jealousy and the perceived rejection of not being chosen for a one-on-one. Some people process their emotions internally, but other people lash out, looking for someone outside of themselves to blame. I get it. But when one toxic action becomes a sustained campaign, it crosses another line — and that’s when it becomes bullying.

Over the years, the franchise has addressed that very issue on numerous occasions. Contestants are frequently taken to task for their bad behavior on the Tell All specials, much like Yosef Aborady was made to answer for his treatment of Clare Crawley on the most recent season of The Bachelorette. The show has also called out online harassment from fans, like when Chris Harrison condemned the sex shaming lead Kaitlyn Bristowe was subject to on her season.

But the culture of bullying on The Bachelor remains pervasive, and it is long past time to question just how much responsibility the show has for creating a breeding ground of hate behind the mansion doors.

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