This Rachel Lindsay AMA Is The Counter-Programming 'Bachelor' Fans Need

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This Rachel Lindsay AMA Is The Counter-Programming 'Bachelor' Fans Need

While we were watching Matt James make phenomenally bad decisions on Monday night's The Bachelor, Reddit users made the best decision and checked in for an AMA with Rachel Lindsay and her Higher Learning podcast co-host, Van Lathan. Holding an AMA at the exact same time as the ABC hit is certainly a pointed decision — after a dramatic week centered around Chris Harrison's disastrous interview with the former Bachelorette, some counter-programming to a problematic season felt not only necessary, but cathartic.

Especially since Lindsay didn't duck questions about The Bachelor, Harrison, and its contribution to systematic racism. So what did we learn from the conversation?

Rachel may not be renewing her Bachelor Happy Hour contract

Though she's still friendly with co-host Becca Kufrin, Lindsay has been clear about one thing: she needs some space.

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The franchise wants The Bachelorette to be "seen but not heard"

During Lindsay's Bachelorette season, racist tweets from contestant Lee Garrett were leaked online, leading to a conversation about his actions during Men Tell All. This conversation, though, happened before Lindsay appeared on the episode, keeping her from being able to address Garrett's behavior.

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Garrett might have been intentionally cast

Lindsay believes that Garrett was cast on her season specifically to cause friction. She does, however, believe that Racheal Kirkconnell and her problematic history — which involves an "Old South"-inspired party and allegations of racially motivated bullying — "slipped through the cracks" at Bachelor casting HQ.

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She wasn't surprised by Harrison's words

Only that he said them on camera. The fact that Lindsay held off on revealing what Harrison has said in their private conversations in the past... reveals everything.

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But she was surprised by the women of Matt James' season

Specifically, how they banded together following Lindsay's interview in an unprecedented show of support.

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She's not a fan of Hannah Brown — or, at least, her behavior

Take her answer to a question about Brown also having "Old South" photos like Kirkconnell — "I think there is a reason her comments on the situation lack substance" — and her response to a comment about Brown deleting the photos.

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(For context, Brown's response to Harrison's interview and Kirkconnell's photo: "Lord knows I've made mistakes, but I have learned this past year if we want to move forward we have to confront where we have fallen short. And it's so important that we lift up and listen and value and encourage underrepresented voices. We just have to be better.")

She has never been responsible for Reality Steve's spoilers

In fact, according to Lindsay, she's never even spoken to the guy.

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She's here for the right reasons

It took 15 years for the franchise to have a star who spoke out for what's right.

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And, finally, she's Team Katie too

If Lindsay was choosing a top four for the season?

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We will accept this wisdom.


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