Did Heather Really Crash 'The Bachelor' Or Was It All Planned? A Social Media Investigation

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Did Heather Really Crash 'The Bachelor' Or Was It All Planned? A Social Media Investigation

It seems this season of The Bachelor has been full of dirty tricks pulled by the producers, and the last-minute addition of Bachelor alum Heather Martin is no different. The group of women vying for Matt James’ heart already collectively lost their shit when five new women were brought in a few episodes back — but that didn’t stop one last surprise contestant from showing up, prompting the remaining women to, once again, absolutely freak the fuck out.

The drama has been compounded by the fact that reality show is making it seem like Heather Martin crashed The Bachelor totally on her own accord. Host Chris Harrison has doubled down on that claim in interviews, telling Extra, “[Heather] reached out to producers and Hannah [Brown] was involved in this… She thought Heather would be a good match for Matt… When they reached out, we said no… They kept fighting for this… She said I want to come out there… Heather pulls up in a minivan… We told her, ‘Do not show up on our door step.’ She did.”

But not everyone is buying into that narrative. Some fellow Bachelor Nation stars — like Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum Dylan Barbour — are hinting that’s not actually the case. So I decided to look into this a little further.

The Set Up

Per Chris Harrison (who is currently be raked over the coals thanks to how he handled that divisive interview with Rachel Lindsay as they discussed allegations of racism levied against current contestant Rachael Kirkconnell, so feel free to take this all with a grain of salt), Heather and Hannah B. came up with the scheme of their own to get the California cutie on the show. Presumably, Hannah B. realized that Heather would be perfect for Matt during the time she spent in Florida with ex Tyler Cameron and the rest of the Quarantine Crew.

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Go For It
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