11 Of The Worst Decisions Made On 'The Bachelor' Tonight

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11 Of The Worst Decisions Made On 'The Bachelor' Tonight

Matt James may not know what a charcuterie board is, but my God he knows how to make a bad decision on The Bachelor. Monday night's episode was a complete bloodbath, as Matt said goodbye to not one, not two, not three, but 11 women in a two-hour span. And surprise, surprise, some of them were some pretty harsh cuts.

The night was full of bad decisions, not only made by Matt and not only regarding women sent home. Bad calls ranged from wardrobe, to career choices, to date concepts — and that's really just the beginning of it. Here are 11 of the worst decisions made on The Bachelor tonight.

Heather's Dress

Are we going to the prom? Did she pull that out of the wardrobe closet from the wedding date? Let's all agree that a white-beaded bodice dress straight from Kleinfeld Bridal is not what we wear when crashing a season with three weeks left, 'mkay?

Sending Heather Home

She shouldn't have been there in the first place, but sending her home was a mistake. If only because keeping her would have pissed off the other women and caused even more hidden bullies to expose themselves.

Heather Not Getting A One-Day Rental On The Minivan

Would have at least saved some money.

Jessenia's Complete 180

Last week (but, in Bachelor time, earlier that night), Jessenia became the whistleblower about MJ's mean girl attitude. So imagine my surprise when she became the meanest one in the room when Heather showed up.

The Tantric Yoga Date

Serena wasn't into the date at all, and, thankfully, she voiced her opinions. But, don't we think we're past the point in the series when we can be put contestants in positions that make them feel physical or emotional discomfort (or that, I don't know, make them physically fight each other)?

The Leather Jacket Turtleneck Look

If you haven't been keeping track of Matt's wardrobe throughout the season, do yourself a favor and check out our comprehensive list of every turtleneck he's worn so far. (I personally lean towards the mustard ones.) We had a few new additions this episode, but none stick out quite as much as the black one worn with a leather jacket. Unless you're going to a slam poetry sesh at the Nemacolin after your date, Matt, please don't ever do this again.

Bri Quitting Her Job

Bri has (had?) a job at a high-profile tech company that Chris Harrison wasn't even allowed to say during his intro video of the contestants (and a quick Google search doesn't give us a reveal either). Unfortunately, as she told Matt on Monday's episode, that job is a thing of the past, as she had to resign from it just a couple of days prior to their conversation. Why? Because she wanted to stay on the show because she saw something with Matt. Anyway, Rachael got the date rose.

Abigail Being Sent Home

Let me get this straight. Abigail caught Matt's eye from the very beginning, and so he didn't give her a one-on-one date. Instead, he gave other women one-on-one dates, and inevitably created closer bonds with those women because of it. So basically Matt forgot about Abigail and she got sent home because of it. Checks out, Matthew. Checks out.

Chelsea Getting Sent Home

She's too cool for this show, but damn, tough to see her go. Great exit walk though. That was not a mistake.

Matt Trying To Change Kit's Mind

The girl has a four year plan — let her live, Matt! Very rarely do we have a woman actually say she's not into it and leave on her own accord. While I think part of it is her being genuinely shocked she got that far, I'll take the plot twist.

Jessenia Saying She Was Falling For Matt

Kiss of death, lady! You've been floating in the background this entire season, and while you probably wouldn't have made it to hometowns, you've put a huge spotlight on your back by telling Matt you're falling in love (after 35 minutes together), reminding him, "Oh yeah, Jessenia is still here and I don't really like her. Home she goes."

Will the bad decisions continue throughout the duration of the season? If spoilers are to be trusted... probably.

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