Rachel’s Mascara Tears On ‘The Bachelor’ Join The Ranks Of Reality Greats

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Rachel’s Mascara Tears On ‘The Bachelor’ Join The Ranks Of Reality Greats

Lauren Conrad. Erika Jayne. Rachel Recchia. What do these three women have in common? They cried mascara tears on national television in moments that go down in reality TV history. (If you're not up on your reality shows, that's The Hills, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and The Bachelor, respectively.) When it comes to Bachelor contestant Rachel, she cried her makeup off when Clayton broke up with her and Gabby — at the same time, in the same room, like a dummy. But, when it came time to confront him on the live show, she came prepared with confidence... and possibly waterproof mascara.

Rachel, understandably, broke down when she talked to Clayton one-on-one after he announced that he was not actually going to end up with her or Gabby, but rather, was still in love with Susie, even though he dragged them through the Rose Ceremony From Hell.

As they talked about Clayton's surprising and upsetting decision, Rachel's mascara smeared with her tears — it appeared some false lashes came off, too — and fans on Twitter complained that someone should have gotten the lady a waterproof version.

But, when the show switched over to the live portion, Rachel was composed and ready to take on Clayton. She did tear up a little, and fans pointed out that she must have gone for waterproof this time. But when it came time to talk to her ex, she didn't even need it.

Image: ABC

Asked by Jesse Palmer if she was ready to talk to Clayton, she responded that she was, even though, "I truly don’t feel that he really deserves to talk to me." Ouch. When Clayton sat down on stage, she opened with, "None of these emotions are for you or about you. It has nothing to do with lingering feelings."

She went on to call out Clayton for his "completely selfish" Bachelor journey that left her as "collateral damage" and said he has no empathy. She questioned if he told her he loved her in order to have sex with her (he denied this) and said that she doesn't think he even knows what love is. Like Gabby before her, Rachel handled her confrontation with Clayton wonderfully. Whether she got waterproof mascara or not, it didn't matter.

That said, her mascara tears are still joining the long legacy of memorable reality TV crying moments. For that, she should be proud. And, you know, be even more proud about all the badass, putting this ridiculous guy in his place stuff.

Image: ABC

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