24 Photos From 'The Bachelor' Rose Ceremony From Hell That Show Just How Bad It Was

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24 Photos From 'The Bachelor' Rose Ceremony From Hell That Show Just How Bad It Was

I know that The Bachelor has claimed for years that we're about to watch "the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history." It turned into a running joke a long time ago. But, is it possible, that the finale for Clayton's season actually is going to take the top spot as the most dramatic finale ever? That remains to be seen 'cause we've got a two-night finale, ya'll, but, on night one, we did get the Rose Ceremony From Hell, as host Jesse Palmer repeatedly called it.

And he wasn't kidding. This really was the worst way that a rose ceremony could possibly go.

At the start of the episode, Clayton explains to Jesse that after Susie's departure, he's lost all trust. To him, the way forward is being completely transparent with Gabby and Rachel and seeing where the cards fall. So, when the rose ceremony kicks off, he launches into a speech about how he's a changed man, who fell in love with three women, and was "intimate" with the two standing in front of him.

Gabby and Rachel reacted accordingly. Take a look:

Realizing That Susie May Have Left

Image: ABC

Hearing Confirmation That Susie Did Leave

Image: ABC

Reacting To Clayton's Speech Kicking Off

Image: ABC

What other face do you make when the man you love says, "The person that’s standing in front of you is not the person that you were last with."

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