Clayton's Parents Are Also Annoyed With With Him During The 'Bachelor' Finale

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Clayton's Parents Are Also Annoyed With With Him During The 'Bachelor' Finale

Clayton, Clayton, Clayton. What are you doing, bro? This is a question that anyone who watched the first half of Clayton's Bachelor finale on Monday night is asking, and it's pretty much what his parents also asked him when they appeared on the episode. After a dramatic Rose Ceremony From Hell™ in which he admitted to Rachel and Gabby that he loves them both — and Susie — they both stuck around to meet Claytons's parents as the next stop on their Bachelor Journey.

Before either woman meets Clayton's family, he reunites with them first. His parents and brothers are excited to see him, but things take a turn as soon as Clayton begins explaining the predicament in which he has put himself. Namely, that he fell in love with three women, one ditched him (Susie), another almost ditched him (Gabby), and the third is pretty upset with him, too. As Clayton's dad, Brian, puts it, "You screwed the pooch, in my opinion."

Still, Clayton's family continues on, meeting both Gabby and Rachel and having a nice time bonding with them. Surely, the Echards think that they're finally in the clear after that, and simply have to give their son and brother some vague advice about how both women are wonderful and he'd be lucky to be with either of them. Unfortunately for them, that's not the case.

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