Is It Chicago Or Bust For Joe & Serena After 'Paradise'?

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Is It Chicago Or Bust For Joe & Serena After 'Paradise'?

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Grocery Store Joe and Kendall broke up because she wouldn't move to Chicago. But is that really the case? As it seems Joe and Serena are engaged after Bachelor in Paradise (or at minimum, together after Paradise), then it stands to reason they'd eventually live together. And you'd have to presume that Serena would move to Chicago since that's apparently the number one stipulation to be with the GSJ. So where do Serena and Joe live now? And if Serena doesn't move to Chicago, was Joe saying he broke up with Kendall cause she wouldn't move to the Windy City true?

On the Sept. 28 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Serena acknowledged that they live in two different countries — she's from Canada and he's from the U.S. "We're gonna have to go back and forth a little bit at the beginning and figure it out," Joe said. "I have faith in us," Serena replied. They said they have some sort of "plan," but the couple didn't explicitly state what that plan was... and how soon Joe will expect Serena to move to Chicago.

As of right now, Serena is sticking with the story that she lives in Canada. When you look at her Instagram bio, she has that she's located in Toronto. Instagram also provided the info that her account is "Based in Canada."

Serena Pitt/Instagram
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