Matt James' Brother, John, Is The Unsung Hero Of 'The Bachelor'

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Matt James' Brother, John, Is The Unsung Hero Of 'The Bachelor'

This season of The Bachelor, as tainted as it's been, has boasted a fare share of unsung heroes: Katie's dildo. Matt's turtlenecks. Butter. But perhaps no one deserves to be put on a pedestal higher than Matt James' brother, John, a much-needed voice of reason during an unreasonable season of an unreasonable series that insists on that love is possible between two people spending a grand total of 20 minutes together in between T-Mobile ads.

It's no wonder John is good with words — when he's not spending his nights helping his brother see through the sparkly Bachelor facade, he spends his days as a rapper under the name John the Scorpio. (His bio says he's a “smooth passionate musician influenced by g funk music and underground west coast hip-hop and R&B.”) And based on his appearance on Monday night's finale, he lives up to his star sign — John struck an even balance of loyal and persistent in his line of questioning during his meetings, delivering a list of questions that should make it into the production notes of every Bachelor hometown.

"I don't like to sound negative or anything, but I'm going to keep it real," he began his appearance, and then launched into a very good grilling of Michelle:

  1. "What kind of qualities do you see in my brother that make you feel as if, he could be a possible long-term partner in your life?"
  2. "How long ago was the last serious relationship you were in?"

And then of Rachel:

  1. "How many serious relationships would you say you've been in throughout your life?"
  2. "Have you ever experienced true love before?"
  3. "What qualities do you see in matt that you could possibly see in a husband or a long-term partner?"

And then Matt:

  1. "Going into these last final days are there nay concerns that you have?"
  2. "Matt you already know I support you in everything that you do, so whatever you decide to do, I'm on board. but don't feel like you have to jump into making a decision where you're not ready."

Sit this man in front of Harry and Meghan.

[rich Embed]

Where there's an unsung hero, though, there is a villain, and that came in the form of Chris Harrison, who followed up John and James' mother Patty's best advice with the Worst. Advice. Ever.

[rich Embed]

Don't let Harrison dim John's star, though. Because John is a star, and a star who carries his wine from room to room besides.


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