Here's How Much 'Bachelor' Spent On Rachael's Fireworks Date Vs... Butter

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Here's How Much 'Bachelor' Spent On Rachael's Fireworks Date Vs... Butter

Matt James' love might not cost a thing — but the costs from his Bachelor fantasy suite dates sure do add up. Now, how the producers chose to divvy up their production budget this week? Well, let's just say it's not helping Bachelor's 2021 image.

No, actually, let's say more. Because the optics look about as good as a gooey oatmeal bath, particularly when paired with a season that has been riddled with controversy following news of Rachael Kirkconnell's racism-tinged past. Michelle is given the spa date from hell/Schrute Farms when she's forced to bathe in milk like a McPoyle, and Bri quit her job so she could pitch a tent before pitching Matt's — all while Rachael is granted the gift of a Ghost-inspired ceramics class before a fireworks display that might as well have spelled out, Choose Rachael, Matt.

It's no secret that production manipulates seasons to heighten drama and guarantee certain outcomes week to week — we've all seen UnReal — and when you're bonding over Land O' Lakes instead of Love, it's difficult to picture a Neil Lane future ahead. The rose-colored glasses contestants wear thanks to production date back to even Season 2, when jilted contestant Heather Cranford later told reporters about how the fantasy influenced her behavior and courtship with Aaron Buerge:

"You get caught up in the 'Bachelor' bubble. You're wined and dined. You're cut off from TV, radio, cell phones. . . . When I got cut, I had been drinking throughout the night. I looked more emotionally attached to him than I was. But there was more to it than that. You're leaving the mansion, you're leaving close friends. What can I say? I was used to limos and villas at that point."

So, was Matt caught up in the Bachelor bubble? Looking at the money spent to make his date with Rachael as romantic as possible, it wouldn't be surprising. Let's do the (very back-of-the-envelope) math:

Date #1

Butter. Bears. Bachelor.

Not only was she — again — forced to rub butter on Matt James, Michelle was the only contestant to have the night's primary activity take place at the Nemacolin Chateau, where cast members were already staying.

Land O Lakes: $3.97 for four sticks of butter x 6 (at least)
Milk: $4.17 for a gallon x 20 (at least)
Oatmeal: $3.88 for a canister x 2 (at least)
Dinner: $200 for two (estimate, for two)
Chateau King Suite: approximately $700/night (edited)
Total: $1,014.98

Date #2

Break(up) Camp

Though it's unclear where exactly Bri and Matt stayed on the grounds (we chose a fitting substitute for a comp), they were subject to plenty of tacky wood during their — well, insert "wood" joke here.

Tent for 2: $159
Sleeping Bags: $49.99 x 2
Calamine Lotion: $4.99 (not mentioned, but come on, camping)
Dinner: $200 for two
Deer Path Lodge: $2,700/night
Total: $4,556

Date #3

Make 'Em Go "Oh Oh Oh"

Meanwhile, Matt and Rachael ignited the night in a personal mansion.

Ceramics (private): $100 (for 2)
Mallard’s Landing: $3,200/night
Dinner: $200 for two
Fireworks: $1,000 to $2,000 per minute
Total: $18,500

Again, ahem... $18,500.

It all adds up to... something's not adding up behind the scenes here. That said, the date really did live up to the spirit of Katy Perry when Rachael told Matt "I'm ready to take on life with you and whatever it throws our way." Sing it with me: 🎶 Do you ever feel / like a house of cards / one blow from cavin' in? 🎶...


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