Here's What Brendan Said About Pieper On 'BIP' Vs. What He Probably Should Have Said

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Here's What Brendan Said About Pieper On 'BIP' Vs. What He Probably Should Have Said

Last night of Bachelor in Paradise brought all of the speculation about whether Brendan and Pieper were dating pre-Paradise to a head. From day one, Brendan seemed pretty sure that he wasn't in a relationship with — or even the more general "seeing" — Pieper from Matt James' season. But note that I said pretty sure, because on Monday's episode, everything Brendan said about his relationship with Pieper outside of the show seemed to have magically left his memory just in time for Pieper to step foot on the beach. Convenient, right?

Unlike her counterpart, Pieper came in knowing she wasn't going to lie about her relationship with Brendan, which only caused Brendan to look more foolish, as he ended up having to back peddle about 95% of the things he told Natasha during the first few days of filming. Relationship? Nope! 10 dates? Try only two, max. Alexa, play "Beauitful Liar" by Beyonce and Shakira for me as we look back at all of the moments Brendan was left with his sandy barefoot in his mouth on Paradise.

What was said: "...the prospect of falling in love in Paradise is amazing..."

What he meant to say: "I've already found love and hopefully she'll make it to Paradise while I'm still here."

The jury is still out on whether Brendan was there just for likes and followers (sure does seem this way but that definitely backfired), but one thing is abundantly clear: he was not there for love since he had already found it with Pieper.

What was said: "...I don't know if she's gonna be here or not..."

What he meant to say: "I know she's going to be here."

Bro, you literally were waiting for Pieper the entire time.

What was said: "...I've had deeper conversations with you than I had with Pieper..."

What he meant to say: "I like having deep conversations with my girlfriend, Pieper."

Sorry, but we do not believe that you had deeper conversations with a girl you've known two days over your FULL ON GIRLFRIEND (...without the label, of course, because coming to paradise with a girlfriend is just "not a good look", right?).

What was said: "I'm not a manipulative person."

What he meant to say: For this one, Brendan actually did say what he meant to say later on during a conversation with Pieper. I'll let him speak for himself...

"...there's certain things that had to be done...certain ways I had to navigate this to bring us to this particular moment. Like, I can't have a girlfriend, like, entering this whole's not a good look. So if I tell everyone "Hey Pieper might be coming so nobody talk to me. I'm gonna be sitting, tanning." And then what would just happen is, you know, I would go home... and then you'd be here. So, obviously I was navigating this in a way to allow myself to potentially, hopefully be here while you're here."

What was said: "Pieper and I met, you know, not too long ago. We're not dating, we're not in a relationship, nothing exclusive."

What he meant to say: "We have a progressing relationship outside of Paradise."

He said some version of this not only to Natasha, but to everyone on the beach. Even Pieper was not happy about him telling people that it was "casual." She also said that, "he is my boyfriend, we're dating" upon leaving the date so there's that.

What was said: "We met a month ago."

What he meant to say: "We met a couple of months ago and have continuously hung out ever since."

Pieper confirmed that this is not the truth and that they met a little over two months before filming. Us Weekly even wrote a story on June 3 about them dating.

What was said: "We hung out two times."

What he meant to say: "We hang out a lot."

Pieper said that they hung out around 10 times and even Brendan himself said that Pieper came to Boston to visit him.

What was said: " wasn't an intimate relationship or a romantic relationship in anyway..."

What he meant to say: "We were dating."

Before Pieper came down to the beach, he was comparing his relationship with Natasha to the others on the beach and was talking about "the reason I want to be with you." Don't gaslight my girl, Bro.

What was said: "...I think what last night did was turn my feelings for her into strong feelings and reassured me that this is something I want to pursue..."

What he meant to say: "I'm gonna go date my girlfriend right now."

In conclusion...

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