Can Brendan & Pieper Be Sent Home From 'Bachelor In Paradise'? An Investigation Of The "Rules"

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Can Brendan & Pieper Be Sent Home From 'Bachelor In Paradise'? An Investigation Of The "Rules"

Pieper has zero question about where her rose will be coming from at the end of this week of Bachelor in Paradise. But with everyone on the beach knowing about her previous relationship with Brendan, could Pieper and Brendan be sent home from Paradise? The goal of Paradise is to form a connection, get a rose from said connection, and, ideally (if you're a Bachelor producer) be engaged at the end of it. The rose element is all but guaranteed for them. But Brendan Morais and Pieper James may have broken the "Paradise rules," which could lead to an early dismissal.

Sometimes knowing a fellow Bachelor Nation contestant ahead of a season can lead to good things — like Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston. And dating ahead of Paradise has happened before — like Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty, and Blake Horstmann and every attendee of Stagecoach. This is also probably encouraged by the producers, knowing that it will result in some juicy TV. But if Natasha Parker and the rest of the contestants are disgruntled at Pieper and Brendan's continued presence and feel that rules have been broken, the Powers That Be may kick them off.

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Although not receiving a rose is the most common way contestants exit Paradise, it isn't the only way to leave. A person can choose to quit if they're not making a connection. Or they can get kicked off and proclaim, "Fuck you, Chris Harrison." But has any couple on Paradise ever been asked to leave for not playing by the rules?

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