Was Bri At The 'After The Final Rose'? Fans Are Questioning The Whereabouts Of The 'Bachelor' Contestant

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Was Bri At The 'After The Final Rose'? Fans Are Questioning The Whereabouts Of The 'Bachelor' Contestant

Rejoice, for Matt James' Bachelor season is finally coming to an end after what feels like years of house drama, surprise new contestants, and massive behind-the-scenes controversies. But, of course, this painful season can't end without a little more drama, like, say, one of Matt's final three women, Bri Springs, missing from After The Final Rose.

The Bachelor released a handful of official ATFR photos on Wednesday, March 10, featuring a first look at temporary host Emmanuel Acho, as well as the final two contestants, Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell. But where is Bri? As one of the final three, she didn't have the opportunity to face Matt during the Women Tell All. And she deserved to confront him, especially after she QUIT HER JOB to stay with him. If anything, the ATFR could just be an hour of Bri wearing her best revenge dress and shooting Matt withering judgmental looks from her place in the audience.

Fans online quickly noticed her absence from the photos, and fan accounts like @bachelorwhatever claimed that Bri had unfollowed all Bachelor-related accounts on Instagram. (Though, as of Thursday, March 11, 8 a.m. PT, she still followed Chris Harrison.) Together, her absence from the official photos and her unfollowing the official Bachelor accounts could definitely point to her not attending the After the Final Rose special. But, she also might never have followed any Bachelor accounts in the first place. And her appearance could be something the producers want to surprise the audience with. The network didn't release a photo of Matt sitting down on ATFR either, but you can bet that as the lead of the show, Matt and his break-up beard will be there.

Image: bachelor.realitea/Instagram

If Bri isn't at the After the Final Rose, then the obvious next question is why. Was she not invited or edited out? After what happened with Heather Martin at the Women Tell All, we know Bachelor has no qualms about editing someone out of a special entirely. It's possible Bri was at the taping, but they decided to cut her segment to make more space for all the Rachael drama and the rumored Bachelorette reveals.

However, given the full mess of a season we've had, it wouldn't surprise me if Bri was done with the Bachelor franchise entirely and just decided not to go. Who knows, maybe she got her job back and was too busy for the taping?

The Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose special will air Monday, March 15.


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