And Your 'After The Final Rose' Host Is...

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And Your 'After The Final Rose' Host Is...

The Bachelor just loves to interrupt our Saturdays with breaking news, but it's still worth raising that pineapple Truly we're sipping to the latest announcement from Bachelor Nation. (The bodega was all out of White Claw. It's desperate times.) On his Instagram, Emmanuel Acho revealed he will be hosting After The Final Rose, filling in for Harrison following the longtime host's (questionably) self-imposed hiatus from the season.

After the string of theories surrounding possible hosts, it's a surprising, yet welcomed, decision. Acho, for those who do not follow the Philadelphia Eagles or the New York Times best-seller list, is a former linebacker who also wrote Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man, the 2020 hit inspired by his YouTube series. And he certainly seems ready to have some of those conversations — as he outlined in his Instagram post, "empathy is needed and change is coming," suggesting that racism that has surrounded this season and finalist Rachael Kirkconnell will in fact be discussed on After The Final Rose.

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But Bachelor theorists (we at The Dipp have a doctorate in the subject) might also linger on the words "change is coming." Does this suggest that Acho's role might not be temporary? Though Harrison nor ABC has pointed to a Chris Harrison-less future on The Bachelor, continued calls for his resignation surely have put pressure on the network, according to rumors. And, as of one day ago, tabloid reports indicated that both Robin Roberts and another former sportsman, Michael Strahan, were in talks to be new hosts of the franchise, even as Rachel Lindsay's name has continued to pop up in conversations. (We see you blatantly ignoring our Shaun Robinson suggestion, ABC.)

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Should Acho nail the gig, though, he could be a welcomed new face for Bachelor fans, who, frankly, need some fresh blood. Particularly from someone whose "goal is to unify," after a season that also included rampant bullying.

So raise your Lime Truly along with me (the pineapple from the first paragraph is dunzo) and toast: to changes. Now this is a journey we're excited for, Bachelor.


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