Wait, Was Heather Martin At The 'Women Tell All'?

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Wait, Was Heather Martin At The 'Women Tell All'?

If you thought Heather driving 0ff in her minivan and a fancy white gown was the cringeworthy part of her Bachelor journey, think again. According to some particularly observant viewers, it appears that Heather Martin was cut out of the Women Tell All special. As in, she quarantined, got all dolled up, sat through hours of taping — only to be left on the cutting room floor.

Heather didn't appear in any of the promotional material for the special, nor did she she get a closeup during the episode. But, some fans noticed her signature long, blond hair in group shots, placing her in a seat next to Kit and behind Katie. Her hair was only seen in a few shots from behind, but her profile was clearly visible in one shot right after a segment on the unaired Bachelor dates. Her presence at the taping has yet to be confirmed, but unless all of Bachelor Nation is experiencing some kind of shared fever dream, it definitely looks like she was there.

For what it's worth, Heather seems to have had advanced warning that she wouldn't be in the episode. Unlike all the other women present, her Instagram was completely devoid of any publicity for the Women Tell All special. And, she wasn't included in the multiple behind-the-scenes shots shared by the official Bachelor Nation Instagram or, it seems, by any of the other women there (though on that last point, it's not surprising that Heather didn't make friends with anybody on the cast).

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