Analyzing ‘Bachelor’ Matt’s Reactions To All Three Love Confessions

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Analyzing ‘Bachelor’ Matt’s Reactions To All Three Love Confessions

The beauty in having Matt James as the Bachelor is that he absolutely can’t hide how he feels. While the contestants at last week’s Women Tell All revealed that the ABC lead is particularly skilled at making every single person feel like they’re the only woman in the world, the reality of this reality show is that he actually has quite a few tells when it comes to revealing his own emotions — especially when it comes to Matt reacting to the contestants' "I love you" confessions.

As the women told Matt how they felt about him and that they were 100% ready for an engagement — no, seriously, every single one of them used almost that exact same language — I paid close attention to his face to see where he really stood. Let’s break it down.

Matt couldn’t stop smiling at Michelle

Michelle’s date was up first, and after they spent a romantic day soaking their feet in oatmeal and slathering each other with butter, they washed off and went to dinner. It was at the evening portion of their outing that the serious relationship talk was on the table. After first discussing where the Bachelor was at following his conversation with his dad, Michelle turned the conversation back to her own feelings.

“I know what I feel in my heart for you, and it feels completely right, and it feels crazy saying that, but I do look at you as my person and as that person that I want to spend the rest of my life with,” she told him. “I want you to know 100% where I’m at, and that’s where I’m at.”

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