Is Matt's Wife In This Room? A Closer Look At 'The Bachelor' Connections

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Is Matt's Wife In This Room? A Closer Look At 'The Bachelor' Connections

We’ve heard him say it now more than once: The Bachelor star Matt James can see his wife in this room. But when it comes to the romance, this season hasn’t exactly been taking my breath away. Much of this year’s ~journey~ has been overshadowed by producer antics, mean girl behavior, and bad decisions galore. And very little of it has been dedicated to the actual relationships forming. Which leads me to wonder — does Matt actually like any of the remaining Bachelor women?

Some of the few bright spots we could see — like that spontaneous make-out sesh with Pieper during the farm group date — have been dimmed in light of the fact that, well, Matt sent Pieper home. That left him with just Bri, Michelle, Rachael and Serena P. heading into hometowns, and while Serena managed to snag a second one-on-one during the Monday, Feb. 15, episode of the ABC show, I’m just not confident in their connection. In fact, I couldn’t help but hold my breath during their date, because I was so sure he was about to send her home at any moment.

So when Matt says he can see his wife in the room… is that just Bachelor bubble speak? Or does he really mean it? I decided to take a closer look at each connection and see who has the greatest spark.

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