Clayton's 'Bachelor' Contestants' Jobs, By The Numbers

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Clayton's 'Bachelor' Contestants' Jobs, By The Numbers

A spray tanner, an architectural historian, and a Bar Mitzvah dancer walk into a mansion. That could've been the alternate tagline for night one of Clayton's journey to find love based on the job titles of the women on The Bachelor this season. The Bachelor can't help itself but come up with the most ridiculous version of a job title for variety. But for every unique job listed for The Bachelor contestants ("previously engaged" comes to mind), there's a whole lot of women who share similar jobs.

Here's all 31 jobs of Clayton's contestants as they're listed on The Bachelor site:

  1. Executive Assistant
  2. Spray Tanner
  3. Law Student
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. Real Estate Advisor
  6. Sales Manager
  7. ICU Nurse
  8. Bartender
  9. Pediatric Nurse
  10. Human Resources Specialist
  11. Bar Mitzvah Dancer
  12. Social Media Director
  13. Architectural Historian
  14. Real Estate Agent
  15. Physician
  16. Neonatal Nurse
  17. Industrial Sales Representative
  18. Entrepreneur
  19. Former Olympian
  20. Personal Trainer
  21. Flight Instructor
  22. Registered Nurse
  23. Previously Engaged
  24. Occupational Therapist
  25. Wealth Management Advisor
  26. Elementary School Teacher
  27. Recruiter
  28. Recruiting Coordinator
  29. Wedding Videographer
  30. Surgical Unit Nurse
  31. Human Resources Specialist

It may have been abundantly clear when watching Monday night what the predominant job of this season is. But I put them into a heart-shaped word cloud (sadly, there was no rose-shaped one) so you can see which job title was the clear winner — nurse.

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Here are the most popular job titles by the numbers:

  • Nurses: 5 — ICU Nurse (Gabby), Pediatric Nurse (Hailey), Neonatal Nurse (Lindsay D.), Registered Nurse (Rinna), and Surgical Unit Nurse (Teddi)
  • Real Estate: 2 — Real Estate Advisor (Elizabeth), Real Estate Agent (Kate)
  • Recruiting: 2 — Recruiter (Shanae), Recruiting Coordinator (Sierra)
  • HR: 2 — 2 Human Resources Specialists (Hunter and Tessa)
  • Sales: 2 — Sales Manager (Ency) and Industrial Sales Representative (Lyndsey W.)

Considering the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, can you blame the five nurses for temporarily fleeing their jobs for the stability of reality TV? And when you include the other women working in health care — lingerie-wearing physician Kira, bikini-wearing occupational therapist Samantha, and previously-engaged-but-really-a-clinical-specialist-dealing-with-spine-surgery-robots Salley — that brings the number up to eight.

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There's also Marlena, who double-dips in the popular careers of this season. Though The Bachelor has her listed as a "Former Olympian" (which is very impressive and very true), her bio states that she's a Vice President of Human Resources. But before you go bumping up the HR numbers to three, her LinkedIn says she left that role in September 2021 (when this season of The Bachelor began filming) and now she's none other than a realtor for Keller Williams. It's no Oppenheim Group, but it still counts.

When I add in the Olympian Marlena to real estate and combine similar careers, you come to:

  • Health care: 8
  • Recruiting/HR: 4
  • Real Estate: 3
  • Sales: 2

...which means, more than half of the participants are in the same four career fields.

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Marlena isn't the only one who's hard to fit into one role since once you start digging into the contestants, you see more and more how The Bachelor controls the narrative for what's simpler or sounds the best/most absurd. For instance, Bar Mitzvah dancer Ivana is a Consumer Experience Specialist, a Model and Actress, and a former Bartender of 6 years. And entrepreneur Mara has a Dancer and Crowd Motivator on her résumé.

But in the end, a nurse is the one most likely to win based on sheer numbers alone (one already got the First Impression Rose). And when Clayton claims a nurse has won his heart, she can check his vitals to make sure he's legit.

Image: John Fleenor/ABC

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