Teddi Wright From 'The Bachelor' Has A Twin Sister, & Reality TV Ties

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Teddi Wright From 'The Bachelor' Has A Twin Sister, & Reality TV Ties

Clayton wasn't the teddy bear of Michelle's season (that title goes to Rodney and Rodney alone). But he's got his own Teddi competing on The Bachelor. Based on previews, Teddi makes a good first impression on Clayton during night one of his season. They share a kiss during the first cocktail party and in the season preview, there's apparently plenty more Teddi and Clayton kisses to come. So what's there to know about this potential frontrunner?

According to her Bachelor bio, Teddi's a "catch." She's a surgical unit nurse from California, who comes from a strict Christian background but "she lives by her own rules." As for her social media, the public details on her Facebook page are sparse and she doesn't appear to have a Twitter or LinkedIn. She has a TikTok, but she's only posted one video on it so far — a video from May 2021 asking for help with picking out a dress to wear to a wedding. That leaves me with only Instagram to dissect her life. Let's see what we can dig up.

She's A Registered Nurse

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Teddi posted in February 2020 that she passed the national nursing board exams and will officially only go by "Teddi Wright RN, BSN from now on."

She's Got A Twin Sister

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Teddi's twin sister is Kayla Jo Diggs, who had her own vlog a few years back. Kayla posts a lot more on Instagram than Teddi, so there's bonus Teddi content on her page — like shots of her in the bridal party at Kayla's wedding (according to Kayla's wedding website, Teddi was the maid of honor) and celebrating on Christmas.

She Loves Her Mom

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Yes, most people love their moms. But with only 49 posts on Instagram, her mom gets multiple mentions, so Teddi's mom earned a mention here too. Her very first IG post is of her as a kid with her mom and in another post, she mentioned how he mom disapproved of her pics where her tongue is out. Mom's will mom. (It also seems that Teddi has a little brother that she's also a fan of.)

She's Got Reality TV Connections

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Reality TV worlds collide since Big Brother 23 star Kyland Young officiated Teddi's sister's wedding and seems to be close friends with her brother-in-law.

She's A Beach Babe

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Her hometown is listed as Highland, California, which is east of Los Angeles. But Teddi doesn't mind making the trek to the coast since many of her pics (like above and here and here) on Insta are her at Huntington Beach.

She's Religious

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Religion was in her Bachelor bio and she's highlighted her Christian beliefs in a couple of posts — whether it was quoting Bible passages in 2018 or posting about nursing school being a calling from God in 2019. She also attended Arrowhead Christian Academy for high school and the private Christian college Biola University, where she was a track star at both. (Biola isn't too far from the coast, which might explain all those times in Huntington Beach.)

She Loves Dogs

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Like with the mom-loving, dog-loving seems to be a prerequisite for many Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. But with Clayton's promo materials focused on him being an underdog (again, that was Rodney — not Clayton!!) maybe it's a good sign for the two of them.

Spoilers ahead.

Reality Steve reported that Teddi gets the First Impression Rose, something he first tweeted about in October. So the dog-loving might just be working in her favor. But since First Impression Rose recipients on The Bachelor aren't as successful on those as The Bachelorette, it's not guaranteed that this former track star will go the distance.

Image: John Fleenor/ABC

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