Ranking 'The Bachelor' Contestants' "Fun Facts" — All 93 Of Them

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Ranking 'The Bachelor' Contestants' "Fun Facts" — All 93 Of Them

With the "official" (if we can call it that) announcement of Clayton's season, we also have the official announcement of all of the ladies vying for his heart. And while sometimes the bios are very telling (tell me Nayte makes it to the Top 2, without telling me make it into the Top 2), what I am here to talk about are the women's fun facts.

Look, I get it. Sharing a fun fact about yourself is the devil's ice breaker. But, thinking Justin and Hailey are #goals is not a fun fact. Telling me you hate slow walkers is not a fun fact. Telling me that you want to own your own store one day is, again, not a fun fact. So to help everyone out, I decided to go through all 93 fun facts from this season's Bachelor contestants and rank them from "lamest to coolest." This is not to put judgement on anyone, this purely for educational reasons, so that next time we all (myself included) have to share a fun fact, we don't say, "I have blue eyes."

93. Hunter would love to be Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl.” (1. He's married. 2. You are literally here to date another man.)

92. Genevieve says Hailey and Justin Bieber are #RelationshipGoals.

91. Sarah thinks that Wonder Woman is a badass.

90. Stevie Nicks is Tessa’s bohemian icon.

89. Daria idolizes Amal Clooney because she is truly an ally for women.

88. When Melina dies, she wants to be buried in cranberry sauce and stuffing. (It's an interesting concept, but it's not gonna happen, so why?)

87. Ency would love more opportunities to dress in costume.

86. Jane dreams of a life filled with unlimited kombucha.

85. Rachel can’t wait to read the Harry Potter series with her kids one day.

84. Hunter would love to have an Australian accent.

83. Shanae is not interested in dating a man who performs magic.

82. Lyndsey W. says she is much more of a Baby Spice than a Sporty Spice.

81. People who don’t wear deodorant make Claire angry.

80. Sarah gets frustrated by slow walkers.

79. Jane prefers glamping over camping.

78. Snoring is a deal breaker for Mara.

77. Tattoos are not Elizabeth’s thing.

76. Lyndsey W. cannot sleep without a white noise machine.

75. Petting a wombat is at the top of Jill’s bucket list.

74. Hailey dreams of hanging out with elephants in Thailand.

73. Stomping grapes in Italy is at the top of Gabby’s bucket list.

72. Salley hates cotton balls and can’t be near them.

71. Tessa has a fear of red fruits: apples, grapes, raisins, etc.

70. Growing up, Teddi was terrified of ladybugs.

69. Rianna hates doing laundry.

68. Mara doesn’t eat spicy food.

67. Daria hates sushi.

66. Guinea pigs seriously freak Serene out.

65. Susie hates haunted houses.

64. Lyndsey W. doesn’t do clowns.

63. Genevieve doesn’t like public speaking.

62. Cassidy doesn’t like clubs because she hates waiting in lines.

61. Gabby is terrified of humpback whales but would love to see one in person from a safe distance.

60. Jane is terrified of tall cliffs.

59. There is nothing or no one in this world who could convince Marlena to go bungee jumping. (Do I hear a date idea?)

58. Salley wants to own a clothing store one day.

57. Daria wants to write a children’s book one day.

56. Samantha would love to own a dog sanctuary one day.

55. Susie would love to be a documentary filmmaker one day.

54. Jill was obsessed with Twilight as a teen.

53. Elizabeth says petting cute dogs makes her happy.

52. Nothing makes Sarah happier than cute tiny dogs.

51. Salley is obsessed with hot tubs.

50. Teddi loves massages.

49 Melina loves being tucked in.

48. Ivana prefers indoor trees.

47. Teddi could eat pasta for every meal.

46. Kira loves nachos.

45. Claire loves ranch dressing with her buffalo wings.

44. Rachel could live off of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

43. Lindsay D. loves Taco Bell.

42. Sierra cannot eat enough Korean food, especially kimchi and rice.

41. Eliza loves food festivals.

40. Sierra’s favorite flower is a black rose.

39. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is one of Claire’s favorite movies.

38. Lindsay D. loves Hallmark Christmas movies.

37. Hunter’s favorite book is A Walk to Remember.

36. Rianna loves to watch “Naked & Afraid.”

35. Hailey is Taylor Swift’s biggest fan.

34. Lindsay D. enjoys napping in hammocks.

33. Gabby loves to write cards.

32. Shanae is obsessed with zoos.

31. Eliza loves going to movies by herself.

30. Sierra loves scavenger hunts.

29. Hailey is not afraid to go skinny dipping.

28. Serene loves the theater but only if it’s a musical.

27. Marlena had a blonde mohawk in high school.

26. Shanae loves Christmas so much that she keeps her tree up all year round.

25. Eliza and her family visit Switzerland often for vacation (... not so humble brag).

24. Kira has two cats, Olga and Oksana.

23. Serene has a cat named Leonardo DiCATprio.

22. Cassidy has a matching tattoo with her mom.

21. Kate’s moon/rising sign is Leo, which she says speaks for itself.

20. Tessa loves to bowl.

19. Ency loves Dance Dance Revolution.

18. Genevieve loves to go fishing.

17. Samantha occasionally likes to play blackjack.

16. Rianna is very competitive when it comes to playing Monopoly

15. Ivana takes herself out to a new restaurant every weekend.

14. Mara loves to Salsa dance.

13. Rachel once organized a flash mob in high school.

12. Ivana works as a hand model from time to time.

11. Cassidy is a pro at driving stick shift.

10. Jill knows how to identify baby pine trees as male or female.

9. Kate is a Mario Kart aficionado.

8. Melina is a very skilled jump roper.

7. Kira taught herself to write hieroglyphics as a child.

6. Marlena prefers to travel solo and has visited more than 15 countries on her own.

5. Susie is a Jiu-Jitsu champion.

4. Ency taught English to North Korean defectors when she studied abroad.

3. Elizabeth speaks a dozen languages.

2. Samantha has gone skydiving 12 times.

1. Kate once went on a date with Harry Styles, and if you ask her for details, she’ll tell you all about it. (And so I did.)

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