Ranking Connor B.'s Fashion Choices On 'The Bachelorette' — From Cat Suit To A Lot Of Chest

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Ranking Connor B.'s Fashion Choices On 'The Bachelorette' — From Cat Suit To A Lot Of Chest

When Connor B. rolled out in a cat costume for his limo entrance on The Bachelorette, you may have been scarred by his pawing at Katie. But you also knew that this was just part of a schtick and Connor B.'s other fashion choices on The Bachelorette would be different, right? While he hasn't donned a tail again, apparently, the cat costume was only the beginning of Connor's fashion journey.

Based on his Instagram, the Cats understudy/eighth-grade math teacher/singer-songwriter has a habit of rocking a deep V — whether it's in a colorful matching shirt and short combo at Bonnaroo or celebrating Father's Day with his "absolute style icon" dad. In Week 3, he brought that look to the Bachelorette Mansion. But hey, there's a lot of pressure to pack your suitcase for The Bachelorette when you don't know how long you're staying. Here's every questionable and not-so-questionable outfit Connor has chosen to wear while wooing Katie on national television.

27. The Pink Crew Neck Tee

Connor kept it simple in a pink-tinged crew neck tee and jeans when the guys were having a team meeting about Thomas. But based on the other outfits he wore in Week 3, it almost seems too modest.

26. The Singer-Songwriter

The cat gloves came off when he performed his Greatest Lover of All-Time song to reveal an olive waffle shirt. See! He's just a commonplace dude with a guitar after all the cat shenanigans... or is he?

25. The Navy Suit

After meeting Katie as a cat, he opted for something far more normal at the second Rose Ceremony with this nice-looking navy suit. But being normal isn't really Connor's style...

24. The Dark Gray Tee

When discussing his impending one-on-one with Justin in Week 6, Connor was casual in a dark gray heather crew cut T-shirt and jeans. If this were a fashion battle between the two men, Connor won.

23. The Black Coat

He may have had a black fur coat on as the cat, but he went for a more polished look on the first group date. He even kept the coat on inside when he smoked the other guys by knowing that a woman's largest sex organ is her brain. He had to keep that coat on cause he was so cool.

22. The Floral Tie

Connor may have some flamboyant style, but this floral tie during the Week 4 rose ceremony was just the right amount of flair to add to his gray suit.

21. The White Polo

Connor wore a white polo shirt and light denim jeans when he discovered he was getting his first one-on-one date. All seems well... but is it really??

20. The Maroon 5

Did he wear a maroon jacket over a white tee to remind Katie he's in a musician à la Adam Levine for the nighttime portion of the Greatest Love of All-Time date? Even still, everything seems on the up and up with this ensemble. But, wait... not so fast... do I spot a very long chain necklace?? The facade is already crumbling.

19. The Tan Suit

A tan linen suit with a pocket square and only a few buttons of his white shirt unbuttoned? Quite respectable for Connor! But note the necklace is lurking underneath.

18. The Sleeveless Shirt

A sleeveless shirt in the Bachelorette Mansion is nothing to write home about. But when the majority of the men were rocking sweatshirts at the start of Week 3 and you alone are the sleeveless shirt-wearer, it's a choice — Connor's eye contact with the camera confirms it.

17. The Red Sleeveless Shirt

Another day, another sleeveless shirt. Turns out, he wants to show off that chicken tattoo at the top of his left bicep. But you may have been too distracted by Connor's many, many names for masturbation while discussing Katie's WOWO challenge to notice.

16. The Two Shorts For Sports

Connor was appropriately sportily dressed for his flying squirrel antics during the Bash Ball warm-up in Week 5 with a sleeveless shirt (it appears to be the same one he wore in Week 3). But is he also wearing two pairs of shorts??

15. The Salmon Shorts

His outfit for his one and only one-on-one date of a blue polo, salmon shorts, and chain (natch) might not have been conducive to playing volleyball, but they fit the lighthearted day-date setting. And check him out! His shorts match the stripes in the collar of the polo... this is a man with a plan.

14. The Where's Waldo?

Can you spot Connor in this photo from when the second date card arrived in Week 2? Hint: He's the one in the stripes. This PacSun shirt circa the early 2000s is a preview of things to come in the necklace department.

13. The Where's Waldo? Part II

He was wearing his Week 2 striped shirt again in Week 5 when he brought the Where's Waldo ensemble full circle with the appropriate circular glasses. He looks so forlorn at being an outfit repeater that it's no wonder Greg cuddled him.

12. The BBQ Apron

Kaitlyn Bristowe's fiancé Jason Tartick was doing most of the cooking, but an apron was obligatory to stand by the BBQ.

11. The Breakup Black & Blue

Navy and black may have been an outlawed color combo at one point, but as Connor got dumped in this outfit of a black (un)buttoned shirt and navy jacket, I'll let him slide. The extended footage of him prepping his unbuttoned shirt ahead of his final date will live in my mind rent-free.

10. The Nighttime Chest

For the day portion of the Week 3 group date, he went with white (more on that in a bit). For night, he went with black. (That long necklace... well, it was a versatile day-to-night piece like you've read about in magazines.) Not pictured? His light gray plaid pants. When he got the Group Date rose, the red really popped on his Man in Black ensemble.

9. The Surf Necklace

Connor wore a dark teal V-neck at the end of Week 3 and yes! it was a true V-neck that didn't allow for customization (and not a button-down shirt that has morphed into a how-low-can-you-go challenge). Nothing suspect there. But what's going on with his hemp necklace? Is this part-time musician also a surfer? Does he have more red flags than Thomas? Well, Brendan — who was sitting next to him — was pretty much wearing the same exact Billabong-inspired necklace. So I'm going to say this is less red flag and more friendship necklace... awww.

8. The Bash Uniform

Since every contestant involved in the Ball Bash group date had to wear this wrestler's singlet ensemble, I can't hold it against him. Though he is the only one from Team Red to wear the black arm pieces that Team Black had on, so he still needed to add his own take to it.

7. The Southwest Style

Connor took the N.M. setting to heart (to chest?) with a Southwest-inspired shirt (complete with many buttons unbuttoned, natch) in Week 5. Although, come to think of it, his shirt may be more Ariz., than N.M.

6. The Chest Express

When are you choosing to show a little chest and when have you simply forgotten to button the majority of your buttons? Perhaps Connor wanted to leave his chest so exposed so he could show off his very long necklace in this white striped button-up.

5. The Acid Wash Denim Jacket

It's all fun and games until someone pulls out the acid wash. After he learned he got the one-on-one date, Connor revealed in his In the Moment (ITM) on-camera confessional that his white polo (a respectable #21 on this list) was accompanied by a jean jacket pulled straight from the '80s. This whole ensemble must have been a knockout with his light denim jeans. Leave the Canadian Tuxedos to Blake, Connor!

4. The Whole Chest Ensemble

I was worried his naval would be exposed with so few buttons done, but his belt and torn jean combo ensures his belly button will stay a mystery until the Fantasy Suites. And he seems to feel confident in it — look at that sashay as he heads to Katie!

3. The Cold Arms, Hot Chest

He started the night portion of the Week 5 group date with his black coat from Week 2, but then he revealed the true outfit underneath when he serenaded Katie. I'm not confident he buttoned this long-sleeved gray shirt at all! If his chest is that hot and he needs to show off that necklace, then why even bother with the shirt?

2. The Cat

Why does this black cat not have legs that match? Could the production team not find him a costume that fit? Or maybe they wanted his face-touching paws to match only his calves as some sort of accent. A cat costume is already a bit bonkers, but this mix-and-match feline could have used some style help.

1. Cat In No Hat

Apologies for making you look at the cat costume again, but as the first night went on, he lost the hood and ears of his cat costume. And his Cat Undone gave me time to appreciate the color blue of his untied bowtie and the exquisite detailing on the hand-painted whiskers and nose. Plus, he kept the paws to accept his rose! Katie may have said he looked ridiculous, but if liking Connor as a cat is wrong, I don't want to be right.

This cat may have nine lives in the fashion department, but Katie said goodbye to him in Week 6. Yet, Connor the Cat's fashion will live on!

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